Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photos of Radical Feminist/Conservative Indigenist Winona LaDuke with Apache Activists, Protesting the Destruction of a Sacred Mountain

Winona LaDuke's religious philosophy and political practice is a key part of this blog. I'm happy to bring you these images, but not happy for the circumstances: on-going genocide of the Apache. Winona is Anishinaabekwe (Ojibwe).

From Censored News, *here*, with thanks to Brenda. 


Photos Winona LaDuke with Apaches: No to telescopes on Mount Graham

San Carlos Apaches met with Winona LaDuke at Northern Arizona University to protest NAU's involvement in the telescope project on Mount Graham, which has led to destruction on the sacred mountain. Photos copyright Rick Johnson, published with permission.

Also see: 'Public records request: Did NAU dupe Indian donors?' by Center for Biological Diversity'

'Protesters NAU get off Mount Graham' by Klee Benally and MT Garcia


Dark Daughta said...

So disgusting that in their thrust to learn more about the universe they forget the very people who could tell them some of what they need to know...if they'd listen. ignorant fools. we're all implicated, though. i know i am as a black colonized low level settler woman.

Julian Real said...

I'm so glad to know you, Dark Daughta. Thank you for writing this comment.

When will any corporate television even mention these atrocities?

When will leftist white men care as much about these violations as they do about anything else they concern themselves with?

More power to the Apache.