Friday, November 26, 2010

What and Who is The Enemy??? (pick two) Yanar Mohammed, Women's Freedom in Iraq, Trafficking and Prostitution of Women by Men, or Male Supremacy

It is beyond disgraceful and disgusting that there are men who are claiming that Yanar Mohammed and her efforts with many, many women and girls to assist girls and women  getting out of systems of slavery, trafficking, and prostitution--each one linked inextricably to the other--is "the enemy". It is horrifying that her life is threatened by pimps, procurers, male supremacist politicians and thugs, including very, very rich white het men like Charlie Sheen from the West are able to (and do) procure or enslave--rent or sell--women and girls from around the world.

Yanar's work is focused in Iraq but the problem of men renting, selling, and owning girls and women is global. It is a problem anywhere and everywhere that men like Charlie Sheen believe they have a right to rent raped women for men's experience of "sex".

Why is it that Yanar Mohammed's life is threatened, while Charlie Sheen is paid millions per week to play a procuring pro-pimp sexual exploiter and abuser on television, and also, dangerously, when not on television?

More power and protection to Yanar and all the women and girls around the world who are working diligently for women's freedom, and less power and protection to the men who use and abuse women and girls as sexxx-things.

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The reason Yanar Mohammed is being targetted is very simple - by speaking out and denouncing male domination over women this in itself threatens male supremacy/men's pseudo rights over all women and girls.

Likewise Charlie Sheen is a white, powerful male and so his wealth and position protects him from the multiple violence he has inflicted on women. Men always band together to protect their interests and 'pseudo rights over women' - it is called a patriarchal/male supremacist system.

But this system doesn't exist does it? Instead certain women are rapid men-haters are they not? And oh yes once again, the moon is made of green cheese.