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Charlie Sheen is at least Two and a Half Racist Procuring Pricks. He's a Very Rich, Powerful Het Man who feels Completely Entitled to Have Sex With Raped and Rented Women. What kind of "man" is that? And why Is CBS-TV paying him milllions per week to be a misogynist and get fucked up on illegal drugs? Could it be because they only care about making money, and not at all about men threatening and terrorising women?

"Alleged" Scumbag Charlie Sheen photo is from here
Charlie Sheen is a terribly normal man, a "good" man according to many, a "wronged" man who is exercising his many uncivil liberties in a country in which some are enslaved and sold and rented and raped so that others may be free to be slavers, traffickers, pimps, procurers, and rapists. What are women to do?

Denise Richards is not free to speak out honestly about all she knows that her ex-husband and the father of her children does to other women. No woman is free to speak out against him without his lawyers filing lawsuits to shut them up. Denise, specifically, has to look out for her children who do spend time with the celebrity king of pro-pimp procurers, Charlie Sheen. Any other woman who Charlie has abused or exploited knows that the millions of dollars he earns on a weekly basis from playing a procuring prick, will be used to pay very powerful lawyers to silence anyone who tells the truth about what he does behind closed doors, with drugs and raped women. The women Charlie prefers to have sex with are women who have been pimped or raped. Those are his "women of choice".

Charlie Sheen's behavior towards women historically and presently is about as despicable and terroristic as it gets, yet he can be portrayed in national media as an innocent guy, as "a victim" of someone, Capri Anderson, who was threatened and terrorised by him in a room at the Plaza Hotel. He continues to be paid MILLIONS per week for playing a procuring asshole bastard scumbag on television, and staying in character when the cameras aren't rolling.

Here's the overt misogyny of a typical episode of the show:

If you're not thrilled that CBS is paying an abuser of women millions of dollars, you might let them know here:

He and Mel Gibson should never work in Hollywood again.

To Charlie Sheen: go fuck yourself and stay away from all girls and women, if you care about humanity at all. I'm not assuming you do, however. I'm not assuming you care about anything more than getting your fat paycheck and being able to use a tiny percentage of it to terrorise women and snort coke.

And if you're really upset that some women are accusing you of extortion, why don't you try not renting and fucking raped women? That'd be a new venture for you, wouldn't it? Treating all women with respect and dignity?

You're a rich mutherfucking thug and a man-boy bully. Why it is you're allowed to be on television in a weekly comedy series is beyond comprehension or any ethical standard of human decency. I hope your father tells you what an incredibly self-absorbed and abusive prick you are being, and that you listen to him. It's clear you won't listen to women who wish for you to take your hands off their throats, symbolically and otherwise.

Oh, and he's one racist mutherfucker too (as all misogynists are). What follows just below is from *here*.
Reportedly, Anderson returned to the dining table, but Sheen did not. Sheen's assistant went to the bathroom to check on him and " when the assistant opened the door, there was Charlie standing there naked with cocaine all over his face! He was delusional and just completely lost. Totally out of it," Radar states.

The 'Two and a Half Men' star's delusional state carried over to his hotel suite. The online celeb news source reports that Sheen got naked again and not only completely trashed his room, but threatened Anderson to the point where she had to lock herself in the bathroom.

During the wildin' out, he spewed the N-word incessantly

"He was punching the walls of the hotel room and going crazy and shouting 'n**ger, n**ger, n**ger for no reason at all," according to Radar.

When police arrived at the scene, they cloaked the star of 'Platoon,' 'Wall Street' and 'Hot Shots' and took him to a nearby hospital.

Clearly, Sheen has an affinity for the N-word.

A few years ago during his divorce from his Richards, Sheen went on another one of his crackish rants and reportedly called Richards a "f**king n**ger," and it was all caught on voice mail.

He tried exercising a little damage control by using the ole some-of-my-best-friends-are-black excuse to clean up his very public mess. Ironically, the best man at two of his weddings was actor Tony Todd, an African American.

And just in case you're unfamiliar with other parts of this story, here's some more information for you. Please click on the title to link to the source website.

New York Cops Want to Interview Charlie Sheen

11/24/2010 10:05 AM PST by TMZ Staff

New York detectives have made contact with Charlie Sheen's rep, asking for an interview with the famous Plaza Hotel guest.

Charlie Sheen Police

We're told detectives contacted Charlie's manager, Mark Burg, and asked for the interview in connection with the criminal complaint filed by Capri Anderson. 

Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, would not comment on whether he will make Charlie available.  Galanter did tell TMZ ... after detectives reached out to Burg, he called detectives back and gave them some info on the case.

Galanter says he'll be speaking with cops again after Thanksgiving and will then make a decision on whether he, Charlie, or a combination thereof will fly to NYC for an interview.

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