Monday, October 11, 2010

Remembering Columbus Dismembering Indians: For THIS, a holiday? SHAME on the U.S. Government!

In 1492, Columbus Sailed Stained The Ocean Blue Red. 

The video that follows is horrific in its honest portrayal of what savage men from Europe did when they came to this land. It conveys blood-thirsty, ruthless Christian European men torturing and slaughtering people: babies, children, and adults--female and male. The people being slaughtered savagely, barbarically, are not Christian Europeans.

The video makes no mention of the fact that Christopher Columbus began pimping and trafficking Indigenous Caribbean girls to European men. He did that too. (See the link, The Rapist Savage, below.) And we have a Holy-day for him why? Is it because European and U.S. Christian white manhood still practices systematic slaughter and rape not only in the "Americas" but also across Africa and throughout Asia?

As a white Jew with Italian heritage, I spit on the memory of Christopher Columbus and curse his legacy. I stand in full support of the removal of this "holy-day" from the U.S. calendar. Instead, I support dozens of days throughout the year to honor those American Indians such as Lozen and Geronimo, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, who fought to keep European men from continuing the gory and inglorious genocide of dozens of millions of people who were not European.

A broch tsu Columbus - A curse on Columbus! Maledico Columbus!

See also, The Rapist Savage and Reconsider Maintaining Columbus Day as a Holiday.

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