Monday, October 11, 2010

Petition to Replace the Disgrace known as Columbus Day with a National/International Holiday Honoring American Indians

In some parts of the U.S. the fourth Friday in September, annually, is celebrated as Native American Day. For more, see here, which is where I found this symbol online.

What follows is from *here*. Please click on the title below to link back so you can sign the petition. The purpose and description of the petition is below the title.

To:  All people of the world Congress of the United States
Senate of the United States
President of the United States

We the undersigned come together before you to request that each of these governing bodies take all necessary action to bring about a Federal Holiday for Native American Elected Leaders, To include Congressional hearings on the racial exclusion of Native Americans in movies, television, sports advertising, music companies, etc.

With the special government to government relationship between the Indian Government of America and the Federal Government it is fitting for the Federal Government to enact this holiday, and conduct Congressional hearings.

Indian governments and the people they represent are requesting that the federal government bring about a National Holiday for Native Americans to be celebrated by all citizens of America and people around the world.

This holiday would pay tribute to Indian Tribal Leaders to include Alaskan Leaders and Hawaiian Leaders. This holiday would also pay tribute to those that endured the world's longest holocaust and most costly in human lives.

It is further stated that no Indian Government nor its people find reason to celebrate and pay for Columbus Day. Seventeen states do not recognize Columbus Day. The state of South Dakota has changed Columbus day to Native American Day.

Therefore be it resolved that the Federal Government should reevaluate Columbus Day by moving it back to its original day the second Wednesday of October and not be a tax paid holiday as is St. Patrick's Day and Octoberfest, and make the second Monday of October a Federal holiday for Native Americans.

The polls we conducted across the country show that the vast majority of Americans prefer changing Columbus Day as to creating a whole new holiday.

It is inappropriate for Indian children and children of America to celebrate Columbus discovering a nation of people and not having a holiday paying tribute to the people of those nations.


Aishah Bowron said...

I don't celebrate evil,violent,axe-wielding genocidal murderers and this is what I consider Christopher Columbus to be !. He is the guy that brought death and destruction to the New World. I want the holiday celebrating this disgusting monster stopped !.

Julian Real said...

I'm glad your comment is here, Aishah. I hope many people read it and are motivated to do something to stop that damned "holiday" from being celebrated in the US.

Aishah Bowron said...

Thank you Julian !.