Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lethal Weapon 5, featuring The Homicidal Misogynist Maniac Mel Gibson who DOESN'T realise that "What Women Want" is to NOT BE MURDERED BY MEN

[image of the Homicidal Misogynistic Maniac Mel Gibson, is from here]

That Mel Gibson has made, to date, four "Lethal Weapon" films seems fitting, except that they aren't about him being a lethal weapon to women. It is fitting, as well, that he's been in productions called "The Punishment", "Ransom", "Conspiracy Theory", "Payback", "Signs", and "Complete Savages". That he ever made a film titled "What Women Want" is increasingly frightening.

From IMDb:
Nick Marshall, Playboy and Hot Shot in advertising, thinks he's God's gift to women. After a little accident, he discovers that he is suddenly able to hear what women really think. First, Nick is pretty disappointed when he discovers that his beloved macho behaviour does not exactly contribute to being desired. Then, his upcoming dream position in the company is being given to a new team member: Darcy, not only a woman, but a man-eating one, also is a very talented ad expert. So, Nick decides to sabotage his new boss by reading her thoughts and selling her ideas as his own. Unfortunately, love gets in his way. Written by Julian Reischl

To Mel Gibson, the Homo Palien Predator who I wish would go to another planet:  

You are clearly a nut that hasn't fallen far from the tree

If you ever contemplate, threaten, or plan to kill any woman including Oksana Grigorieva, and your and Oksana's almost nine month old baby Lucia, and your ex-partner's adolescent child Sascha (Alexander), and then to kill yourself, please do so in reverse order in such a way that only you are injured or die. 

Thank you: you'll be doing one woman, two children, and the rest of the world a huge favor. 

You're one vicious white het man, Mr. Gibson, and one cruel, sadistic, Satanic "Christian" coward. Go fuck yourself, and recognize who YOU are: a gold digger, a f*cking pig in heat (no offence to hogs, sows, and piglets or any living being that has an estrous cycle is intended), a n*gger, a w*tback, a f*cking b*tch, a c*nt, a f*ggot, and last, but surely not least: one mean and maniacal P.R.I.C.K. 

If your Jesus does come back to Earth, I hope he swiftly kicks you and your dad in the nuts. That, surely, would demonstrate a level of compassion and love for humanity that you and your father have been lacking for many decades. Pray to your Jesus to knock some sense into you through the gonadal parts of your body you appear to be using simultaneously as your brains and your heart. And ask yourself this: How's THAT approach to life working for you?
-- Julian Real

To learn what that the acronym means, please check out these two posts: P.R.I.C.K.s and PRICKs, Sexxxism, and other CRAP.

For more posts on A Radical Profeminist about Mel Gibson, please see here, here, here, and, for portions of one of those posts in French, see here. Calling Mel a nut, a maniac, or maniacal is not meant to imply he is in any way insane, or drunk. It is meant to imply he is behaving the way far too many patriarchally entitled men behave--in such a manner as to be guilty of the crime of murdering the women they willfully, rationally, choose to be with who they later claim is driving them crazy. Men, too typically, do not take responsibility for their feelings or their actions, when directed negatively at women. They blame women instead, and in this way remain ignorant, arrogant, self-absorbed, overly privileged, and atrociously entitled and terribly normal men.

All that follows is linked to below, and is from

Mel Gibson Punched Oksana Twice, Choked Her & Then Threatened To Murder Her & Family, She Tells Authorities

Mel Gibson threatened to kill his own baby daughter, Oksana Grigorieva, her son -- and even himself -- during the brutal brawl that is being investigated by police, according to statements Oksana has given authorities.

In a stunning world exclusive, has obtained all the details of what authorities have been told took place on January 6, the crucial date in the domestic violence investigation against Mel, as well as the custody battle between Mel and Oksana.

And the details are far worse than what has been known up to now. Mel punched Oksana TWICE in the head, and choked her with his forearm pressing into her throat after she fell onto the bed – while holding the baby, she told authorites.

Mel is facing a criminal investigation on domestic battery charges by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and is part of a Department of Children and Family Services investigation.

Here are the complete details about what authorities are investigating:

On January 6, Oksana says she attended a basketball game for her 12-year-old son Alexander, who goes by the nickname Sascha. Gibson was furious that she left their infant daughter Lucia home with a nanny and was also jealous that she was around other men.

The nanny witnessed Mel storming around the house, slamming doors and growing furious. The nanny was so frightened that she took Lucia and hid in a bedroom, according to Oksana’s statements.

“When Oksana came home Mel began cursing her,” a source with knowledge of the investigation told exclusively. The Oscar-winning actor/director screamed profanities, consistent with what is on the audio tapes obtained and released exclusively by

Then things took a near deadly turn.

Oksana asked Mel to calm down when she returned to his Malibu house in the early evening.

“Mel punched her in the mouth and then again in the side of the head,” the source told

She was holding Lucia and the force of the punches caused her to fall backwards onto the bed.

Mel placed one of his forearms into Oksana’s neck and began choking her. He took his free hand and pushed it over her mouth and she struggled to breathe. She struggled and begged him to stop.

“Oksana has told authorities it was horrific and she thought she was going to die,” the source said.

The punches broke Oksana’s front teeth, as can be seen by the exclusive photo of her injuries obtained by

As she begged Mel to stop while he was choking her, Mel kept screaming for Oksana to apologize.

Oksana’s son Sascha, whose father is former James Bond star Timothy Dalton, was in the bedroom the entire time this took place, and he was scared to death and will be a crucial witness.

He was interviewed by child protective services agents last Friday.

Oksana finally was freed from Mel’s grip and jumped up to leave but she says Mel then pulled a gun from the pocket of his short, pointed it at her head and threatened to kill her, Lucia and Sascha, as well as himself, in an apparent murder-suicide plot.

He reportedly yelled “F*ck you” and called Oksana a “F**king c*nt.”

Somehow, however, Oksana was able to run out of the house, wearing her pajamas and barefoot, with Lucia and Sascha.

After Oksana fled, Mel called her repeatedly and threatened her. Investigators will be looking at those phone records.


MEL AUDIO TAPE #1: Mel’s Racist Rant

MEL AUDIO TAPE #2: Mel Gibson Admits Hitting Oksana, Threatens To Kill Her

MEL AUDIO TAPE #3: Another Mel Gibson Slur Caught On Tape In Crazed Rage

MEL AUDIO TAPE #4: Out Of Control Mel Gibson Says He'll Burn Down House After Demanding Sex

MEL AUDIO TAPE #5: Mel Gibson Completely Loses It: 'B*tch, C*nt, Wh*re, Gold Digger!'

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO of Oksana After She Says Mel Punched Her



Oh poor Mel Gibson - he must have been driven beyond endurance by the antics of that nameless woman!! This is what I've have no doubt will be proclaimed by male supremacists because women are always to blame for supposedly causing 'good men' (sic) to lose control.

Men such as Mel Gibson are two a penny - meaning they are numerous and these men never lose control, instead they use manipulation and cold rage in order to enforce their pseudo male power over women and children.

Gibson's sustained and deliberate violence against women and children is appalling but not unusual. The only difference is Gibson unlike many men, has financial and social power which he will use to justify his sustained violence committed against Ms. Grigorieva and her children. Gibson you might be the biological father of one of Ms. Grigorieva's children but you most certainly are not a father. Instead you are a vicious, manipulative bully who thinks his financial power will protect him from punishment.

Gibson's violent and sadistic acts committed against Ms. Grigorieva are sadly all too common because men who believe women and their children are their property use identical tactics. These men's aims are to instill complete control over the woman and her children as well as terrifying her to such an extent any thought she may have of leaving her male abuser is perceived as impossible. This is how violent men control women within the so-called safety of the home. But the home is not safe for women - rather it is the place where men can inflict violence on women and their children with impunity, because 'the family unit' is supposedly sacrosant and only in exceptional circumstances should the state interfere.

Gibson will probably be proved right because no doubt he will provide evidence that he 'temporarily lost control' due to unjustified provocation from Ms. Grigorieva and male supremacist society will back him 100%.

Anonymous said...

It so disgusting that SO MANY people are saying that Oksana "coldly manipulated" him into doing this stuff! What is wrong with people???

Julian Real said...

The people saying it are the apologists for patriarchal atrocities. The people saying it either have Stockholm Syndrome, or are misogynistic tyrants.

How woman-hating does a man have to be for the public to not rush to blame her and find some way to absolve him? The answer is blowing in the wind.

Patti said...

"men who believe women and their children are their property use identical tactics. These men's aims are to instill complete control over the woman and her children as well as terrifying her to such an extent any thought she may have of leaving her male abuser is perceived as impossible. This is how violent men control women within the so-called safety of the home. But the home is not safe for women - rather it is the place where men can inflict violence on women and their children with impunity, because 'the family unit' is supposedly sacrosant and only in exceptional circumstances should the state interfere."

And I've spent enough time at patriarchal apologist...or, rather, patriarchal support-ist......sites to know that they view male ownership of females and children of both sexes as something that is EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL to females and children at the GREAT EXPENSE of the males. Why? Because when men view women and children as their "possessions" and "property", they will fight to the death to PROTECT them.
To them, women not wanting to be owned or possessed by a man is evidence of the utter stupidity of the female sex.

Julian Real said...

Excellent points, Patti.

That explains the Father/Husband/Ruler/Patriarch/Possessor's let's-maintain-and-strengthen-our-Rights Movement men in a nutshell.

I'm glad you put in support-ist, replacing apologist, as these misogynists are doing far more virulent and dangerous stuff regarding women's safety, health, and human rights than merely apologising for patriarchy's existence. They're NOT apologising for it. They're refusing to apologise for it, and, as you well know, they pretend it doesn't exist, and that they are the victims in women's matriarchal war against men.

Can they get any more delusional and have any less contact with actual political-social reality?

I think the sheer enormous expanse and density of their collective privileges and entitlements allows them to be as ego-centric and self-absorbed as they want to be--which is to say, and as woman-blaming and woman-hating as they want to be.

After all, what the hell do they know about the existence of women of any color, of poor people, or Third and Fourth World people? NOTHING.

And with that tremendous narcissism and ignorance of what is really happening in the world of people who AREN'T THEM, melded to their social entitlements and structural power, means they are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

I hope they come to see just how fortunate (in a thoroughly organised and carefully protected way) the class-, race-, ethnicity-, gender-, age-, ability-, sexuality-privileged population is.

It astounds me how clueless they about about their extraordinary levels of LACK OF systemic victimisation.
They are publicly silent on the subject of their own non-oppression.

Ah, to be UNvictimised, and yet, to give each other the permission to believe they have some moral or ethical ground to stand on while they whine about how rough their super-privileged lives are.

Listening to Mel Gibson go on and on about his poor self. What the fuck is he smoking?

I think he's got a rich white straight patriarchy pipe he's been sucking on for years. And the pipe and its contents are manufactured from his childhood, his society, and his soul.

Julian Real said...

Mel Gibson and Tony Hayward of BP: each one self-defined as the two most unfortunate people in the world. Tony must be worried beyond belief on his yacht, about how many millions he'll earn next year. And Mel, shuffling about from home to home, pacing nervously, wondering what's to happen to him if he has to stop his career because he's exposed far too much of who he really is.

Why, he might just have to just jet himself here and there and party his life away! Poor dear.

Surely there's a human rights NGO just for them?!

This just goes to show how little they understand about the experience of actual oppression, on the receiving end. They think withdrawal of affection, or lack of blow-jobs, or being asked lots of relevant questions about why you didn't have any plans for what to do when millions of gallons of oil leaks out of a drilled sea-floor well--by people who want to know the truth about them--is a grossly inhumane hardship that is akin to being stoned to death, or gang-raped, or having bigoted obscenities screamed and yelled at you by someone with the power and ability to kill you in an instant.

Mel Gibson is about as oppressed and harmed by Oksana Grigorieva media as Tony Hayward is oppressed and harmed by the Caribbean Sea. It's not that one woman or one sea can do no harm. It's that in each of these stories, there is no reasonable "other side" for the perps and their representatives to argue.

In each case, the usual methods used to hide the evidence of their own harm were taken away. Mel had counted on privacy, and Tony had counted on no cameras being focused on his drilling disasters.

What the super-privileged rich white boys don't seem to comprehend is that getting caught with blood or oil on your hands isn't an actionable offence in which you get to claim to be the victim. They don't get to blame women and the sea for their own wrong-doings.

It's about time their defenders stopped whining about the perpetrators being called out publicly on what they are so used to doing in the secrecy and comfort of their own castles.

Patti said...

Thanks, Julian. As I was typing "apologist", it just seemed so, well, wrong

Sorry if I went a little off-topic, but I just have so many thoughts and so much to say about these MRAs and other patriarchal support-ists that I can't seem to confine myself to the topic at hand. But suffice it to say, for now, that their "Patriarchy is GOOD for WOMEN" chant is why they MUST defend things like Mel Gibson and blame the flies in the face of what they preach. His actions and behaviour simply CANNOT be evidence of a systemic problem that doesn't exist (i.e., patriarchy), but it's that wild, wanton, needs-to-be-ruled-and-controlled whore bitch that is to blame. And that's why we NEED patriarchy, to keep all the wild, wanton whore bitches under control so shit like what pushed poor ole Mel over the edge doesn't happen.

LOL!! Yes I've obviously spent a great deal of time around the patriarchy pity party sites and forums.

I don't know if these assclowns can get any more delusional than they already are, Julian.