Friday, July 2, 2010

Boycott Mel Gibson: A Supremely White Het Male Supremacist P.R.I.C.K.: details HERE on what he said THIS time...

Mel Gibson, the already established anti-Semite and sexist bigot, has expanded and deepened his commitment to being a WHM supremacist in life. This time he makes it clear he holds deep and displayable contempt for non-white people and for women generally, presenting himself verbally as a terroristic racist rapist. This is no surprise to me, but years ago many, many white men argued with me about whether or not he was a P.R.I.C.K. So, while not a surprise to me, it is still disgusting and detestable. And he should be forbidden from ever making a film again. Time to stay home, Mel, and not raise or have access to your children, you fascistic misogynistic fuckhead who thinks it's just fine to use the n and c words.

All that follows is from *here*.

Report: Mel Gibson’s New Racist Rant Against Oksana—Shocking Talk of Rape, House Burning

Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva Kevin Winter/ Getty Images
Think Mel Gibson's last rant was ugly? He may have topped himself.

In 2006, the actor famously unleashed an anti-Semitic tirade during his DUI arrest a few years ago. Now the Lethal Weapon star may be in even more trouble after allegedly being taped while using the N-word and spewing a lot of other horrible things.

"You're an embarrassment to me. You look like a f--king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of n---ers it will be your fault," Gibson is heard on tape, according to RadarOnline.

Gibson's rep declined to comment on the latest rant, which reportedly comes courtesy of a recording made by baby mama Oksana Grigorieva during an ugly argument at the height of the couple's breakup and custody fight.

If we were Mel's camp, we'd be keeping our mouths shut, too.

Per the website, the star also called Oksana a "whore" and a "c--t," among other unsavory put-downs.

"How dare you act like such a bitch when I have been so f--king nice," he is quoted at one point.

"I am going to come and burn the f--king house down...but you will blow me first," goes another quote.

The not-so-veiled threats are in addition to a slew of inflammatory emails the 54-year-old Gibson supposedly sent that the 40-year-old Russian musician has held on to, presumably for safe keeping in the event she needs them in a court of law.

The Oscar winner is locked in a nasty court battle with Grigorieva, the mother of his nine-month-old daughter, over financial and custody arrangements in the wake of their separation back in April. Oksana has reportedly taken out a restraining order against him after she claimed he got "extremely violent" and punched her twice in the face. Gibson's lawyer described this exchange as a "loud argument."

Gibson, as everyone remembers, made headlines for his notorious drunken outburst in which he yelled at Malibu's Finest after he was busted for driving under the influence in 2006, saying, "F--king Jews...Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

Gibson's reputation and career took a major hit, especially in the wake of allegations of anti-Semitism in his 2004 blockbuster The Passion of the Christ. But after keeping a low profile and issuing several public apologies, people in Hollywood seemed to forgive and forget.

But if this latest outburst is true, will they be able to forgive him again?
(Originally published July 1, 2010, at 1:35 p.m. PT)

How did Tinseltown deal with Mel's shenanigans the first time around? Find out here.

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In answer to your question Julian as to whether the white men in charge of Hollywood and mainstream film industry will 'forgive him again.' Answer is yes of course they will since he is only insulting a woman and as we know women are not human according to the white male supremacist doctrine.

White men are constantly encouraged to dominate and control women they know or are/were in long-term relationships with. Reason is because women are men's property - example is what Gibson is charged with saying to (or should that be a male hysterical rant?) Ms. Grigoeiva.

Note: I say men such as Gibson because I recognise whilst Gibson has been charged with verbally threatening and using violently abusive and misogynstic language towards Ms. Grigoeiva, this has not yet been proven, but delusions of grandeur are commonly held by white male supremacists.

The primary reason for Gibson supposedly making this hysterical outburst is because horrors!! Ms. Grigoeiva is daring to separate from the 'pseudo great white male patriarch' and no woman must ever be allowed to decide when and how she will leave her 'white master!'

Further note: Gibson is only the father of Ms. Grigoeiva's child rather than Ms. Grigoeiva being the mother of Gibson's child. Patriarchy consistently promotes myth men are the ones who reproduce a child and the woman's role is merely to be the man's recepticle. I've yet to read/hear a man alone has produced a child!

Owl Eyes said...

I find it disgusting that he is so revered in our society. People forgave him for his horrible anti-Semitic comments by using excuses. He's a scary, scary human being - i think people need to be more aware of that fact.

Great post.

Julian Real said...

I agree, Owl Eyes, he is SCARY. And it's about time Hollywood told him to go fuck himself.


Why am I not surprised media has focused on Gibson being charged with threatening Ms. Grigoeiva with being raped by a black man. Immediately the media seized on this racist slur and denounced it but at the same time conveniently omitted to focus on Gibson being charged with threatening male sexual violence against Ms. Grigoeiva and subjecting her to a torrent of verbal misogynistic, male supremacist sexual insults.

Because according to the writer of this particularly vicious and misogynist piece of media rubbish, it is acceptable for men to threaten or indeed rape women but never, ever must white men raise the spectre of the stereotypical black male.

Yes, racism is hate speech but all too often the racism is only perceived as 'racist' when it is directed against non-white men. Non-white women experience a double whammy - not only are they invisible because they are not white but also because like white women they are female and this means all women are not human according to the male supremacist dogma. Ergo: rape is not rape when a male rapes/or threatens to rape a woman.

Julian Real said...

Hi Jennifer,

I see what you mean about the author of the article not understanding that it is just as misogynistic to want her to be raped by any group of men period, irrespective of the gang rapists' race, as it is to want her to be raped by [Mel's fucked up white supremacist understanding of what men are... who have been historically targeting for lynching by the KKK].

Gibson's WHM supremacist lie is that it ISN'T packs of het male honkies and crackers that gang rape women. He's diffusing his own rapism by pretending it is only men who are the n word who would be so motivated by her attire to sexually assault her en masse. Again, as if white men don't do this all the damn time. (It's called police forces, firefighters, military personnel, frat brothers, sibling-type brothers, dad and his male friends, "explorers", "settlers", border patrol officers, and on and on and on.

But it surprises me not at all that any man would miss the point that legitimising any rape is disgusting and abhorrent on its own. Whether or not racism is part of the verbalised woman-hatred. Mel seems to have a bit of a problem with projecting himself onto other people. For it is he, the white het male bigot, not his imaginary group of assaulters, who is the misogynist and the n word. He would do well to understand that.