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La raza blanca es fascista and the A.R.P. Adolph Award in May 2010 goes to Arizona's Governor and Arizona's Superintendent of Schools, and Sen. John McCain, AZ (R)


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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, and Superintendent of Schools, Tom Horne, for Gross and Aggressive Acts of Anti-Latina/o and Anti-Chicana/o Governmental and Professional, State-Sponsored White Supremacist Bigotry and Discrimination, made effective via passage of unconstitutional legislation.

The Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer supports a virulently racist law, targeting immigrant and non-immigrant Latina@/Chican@/Indigenous populations for profiling, harassment, and discrimination. Senator John McCain has been written up as a genocidalist in past posts. (See here and  here.)

Superintendent of Schools,Tom Horne, who is running for office as Attorney General, has been an outspoken supporter of Arizona House Bill 2281 which  as law makes it against illegal to teach Latin@ ethnic pride and history in the classroom as "destructive ethnic chauvinism". He has the arrogance and audacity to quote Martin Luther King, Jr. as his role model for his racist position. He is running for Attorney General, and no doubt this support of a racist bill will help racist Arizonans organise support for his candidacy.

What neither are willing to articulate is the force of white supremacy in the United Rapes of Amerikkka, currently, and how they are two powerful agents of that white supremacist ideology masked, under white hoods, as it were, by linguistic obfuscation, including, in the case of the Horne, abusing the memory and politics of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Witness White Het Male Arrogance and  Ignorance in all its Inglorious Bastardisation of U.S. Black Civil Rights History:

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For more, see this, from here.

Arizona Students Protest New Law Banning Ethnic Studies Classes

Just three weeks after signing a highly controversial anti-immigrant bill that orders police officers to stop and interrogate anyone they suspect is an undocumented immigrant, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed a new law banning ethnic studies in Arizona public schools. The law could shut down a popular Mexican American studies program in the Tucson school district. It will also affect specialized courses in African American and Native American studies. In response, students have taken to the streets to voice their opposition to the bill. On Wednesday, fifteen people, most of them students, were arrested protesting the law at the state offices of education in Tucson.

And this, from Mother Jones, *here*:

The Brains Behind Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Ban

| Fri May. 14, 2010 9:08 AM PDT
Like Kris Kobach, the architect of the state’s immigration law, the man behind Arizona’s anti-ethnic studies law is also running for office this year—and he’s already touting the legislation in his campaign. Tom Horne, the state superintendent of public instruction, is battling an ally of Maricopa County’s infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the Republican primary for Attorney General, Talking Points Memo’s Justin Elliott explains. The new law prohibits classes that “promote the overthrow of the United States government,” “promote resentment toward a race or class of people,” “are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group,” or “advocate ethnic solidarity.” Championing his legislative victory, Horne is now trying to gin up fears of a Hispanic “revolt.” Elliott reports:

The ethnic studies law is Horne's answer to Thomas' immigration record. Horne's campaign website currently includes headlines like "Tom Horne Championed Bill to Ban Ethnic Studies" and "Alarming Video Shows a L.A. Teacher Calling for Mexican Revolt in the U.S." above a picture of Hispanic protesters of the law dressed in quasi-paramilitary garb and bearing pictures of Cesar Chavez.

Horne isn’t the first to take up ethnic studies as a political crusade. The battle over ethnic studies originated on college campuses decades ago when minority student groups began pressing for classes that covered underrepresented viewpoints. As recently as 2007, Columbia University students (and one professor) staged a hunger strike to protest a Dead White Male-centric curriculum and push for an expansion of ethnic studies. On the other side, conservatives like David Horowitz have crusaded against ethnic studies for being a socially divisive product of liberal groupthink on college campuses.

But Arizona’s new law has taken what was once an academic debate to a new level of vitriolic fear-mongering. Horne says that he wrote the law specifically to target a grade-school program in Tucson that he says is teaching Hispanics to resent whites through "ethnic chauvinism." Horne’s law makes no pretense of engaging in an honest pedagogical discussion—rather he skips straight to the inflammatory charge that such learning could encourage students to revolt against US government, effectively legitimizing fears of a Mexican “reconquista.” Where students of ethnic studies were once merely criticized as enemies of the Western canon, they're now being villified as enemies of Arizona state.

Suzy Khimm is a political reporter in the Washington bureau of Mother Jones. For more of her stories,click here. Follow her on Twitter.

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