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Sonali Kolhatkar and Shazia Reveal The Following About U.S. Occupation: The Women of RAWA are the People Who Should Be in Charge in Afghanistan

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Contained in this post is a very graphic image of what the U.S. soldiers accomplish, with orders from President Obama and commanding generals in Afghanistan. 
Don't let the callousness of denial and the ease distance govern your conscience.

In the U.S. and UK, mass media and some academics actually get to think that the need for feminist activism is over. The condition of women anywhere impacts women everywhere, and what is happening to our sisters in Afghanistan is intimately connected to what we do, especially this week, as our tax dollars fund the murder of women there. Their blood is on the hands of many of us in the West. Below is discussion of what is happening to women recently, as well as some background on RAWA, in existence, amazingly and bravely, since 1977. I have to wonder, what "wave" do Academic scholars want to put them into? Contemporary revolutionary feminism is a decades long effort. Let's hope the struggle doesn't have to be centuries long. When the herstory books are written, let RAWA shine as a beacon of how to courageously fight on, against every obstacle and force of destruction: local, national, and international.

The U.S.'s murders continue against Afghan women; but those who live continue to speak out. Some speak outside of the country, which is safer to do. This post consists of two separate statements appearning in reverse chronological order. The bottom piece was done over a year before the first one here. Note what has and hasn't changed in that time. GWBush was president when the latter piece was written which is when Shazia was interviewed. That piece goes through some of that decades long history of RAWA. Is Shazia (not her actual name) still alive? Do you know? This first piece is by a long time supporter of RAWA, the activist Sonali Kolhatkar, pictured in the photograph below. She addresses the Obama Administration and other misogynist political entities. The need for revolutionary feminism continues as long as women are terrorised and treated as "casualties" in men's many wars.

This brief statement and image is from the RAWA website, *here*.

Let’s rise against the war crimes of US and its fundamentalist lackeys!

RAWA Statement on Massacre of over 150 civilians in Bala Baluk of Farah Province by the U.S.

Injured girl in Farah. RAWA Photo
What follows next is from *here*.

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