Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pretend it is April 1: New Law Proposed Across Europe: ALL SIGHTED MEN MUST KEEP THEIR EYES COVERED WHEN IN PUBLIC...

The above image juxtaposes men's condemnations of women East and West. Globally, women can't be determined BY MEN to be moral, fully human, or free no matter how much they wear or don't wear in public. [the image is from here]

 THIS JUST IN: An addendum to the new law: Sighted het men must ALSO keep their eyes covered in private, if any woman or girl in the household or community requests it.

If white het men care so much about women's human rights, that's something they could do to assist in preventing ALL women from being visually and otherwise harassed and raped. So, what do you say, fellas? Still concerned about Muslim women's human rights to be free from the restrictions of the burqa? Or do you just want visual access to the bodies of Muslim women in Europe? Why won't you support ALL women being free from YOUR gaze AND disgusting comments AND threats AND predatory violence? Let's see you get on that bandwagon, for women's human rights!

This post was fully inspired by a commenter at a recent post, on white euro men's calls to legally ban some Muslim women's traditional clothing from being worn in public allegedly FOR women's freedom FROM Muslim men. And since when have white men anywhere in the world ever, collectively, done anything other than rape, oppress, forcibly sterilise, and murder women of color? (And steal the community's children to raise them to be Christian.) For that post and inspirational comment, see *here*.

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