Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog for International Women's Day 8 March 2010 ECD, or Work to End Globalised WHM Supremacy in any way you can

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Blog for International Women’s Day

Gender Across Borders presents…..

Blog for International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day [IWD] is on Monday, March 8, 2010. As set by the United Nations, this year’s theme is Equal rights, equal opportunity: Progress for all.” While we  here at GAB believe that equal rights for women should be celebrated every day, this particular event is a day for people to come together and blog about the progress of rights and opportunity for women worldwide.

This is the first year that we’re asking you (yes, YOU) to blog for IWD on March 8, 2010. Please take a moment to sign up using the form here and you can also download a Blog for IWD graphic to let readers know you’re participating. We ask bloggers to think about any of the following questions in regards to the U.N.’s theme for IWD:

  • What does “equal rights for all” mean to you?
  • Describe a particular organization, person, or moment in history that helped to mobilize a meaningful change in equal rights for all.

Once you sign up, a link to your blog’s URL will appear on the Blog for IWD blog directory page. Also remember to tag your posts as “Blog for IWD” or “Blog for International Women’s Day” so that we can identify your posts!

Here at GAB we will live-blog throughout the day, highlighting some of your posts and what you have to say about “equal rights for all.”

For those who forget, we will also send out a reminder email about Blog for International Women’s Day a few days before March 8, 2010 when you check the box on the sign up form. By participating in this event, you are taking action in equal rights for all. So, what are you waiting for?

Thanks in advance for signing up. Please feel free to tell your blogger friends about Blog for International Women’s Day!

And if you have any questions about Blog for IWD, contact
Looking for the Blog for IWD BLOG? Go to

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Susanne said...

Alot of people don't realise that the majority of people hungry around the world are women... and yet these women produce 60-80% of the food! The answer to hunger, I really believe lies with women. You can send a message of solidarity to women across the world at