Monday, February 22, 2010

Charmaine White Face has been chosen by True West as Best Living Indian Rights Crusader

[photograph is from here, at the Nuclear-Free News website]

This is an excerpt from an interview with Charmaine White Face. The full interview is linked to below.
I recently read and appreciated your article, "Getting to the Understanding", which explains the 7 subgroups of the Great Sioux Nation. I admit that I had been confused, even though (thanks to my grandfather) I was taught, as a child, some facts about different tribes.  Many non-Natives think Indians are all alike. Do you find that even some Native people are ignorant about other tribes, their practices, and particular concerns?
CWF:  Oh yes. There are many factors involved including the adoption of Native children out of their Tribes, the colonizing influence of the educational systems, and of course the historic 'boarding schools' where Native children were brutally treated to 'wipe out' their Indianness. These have had generational effects but slowly and in small numbers, the trend is gradually reversing.


Let us celebrate the life and support the on-going work of Charmaine White Face (Oglala Tetuwan Oceti Sakowin) whose non-Anglo name is Zumila Wobaga. What follows is from *here*.

True West selects Charmaine White Face for Best Living Indian Rights Crusader

True West magazine
Charmaine White Face
She is a voice for the Black Hills—and it’s a task Charmaine White Face has gladly undertaken for more than two decades, as a columnist for several newspapers and an activist. She formed Defenders of the Black Hills in 2002, working to end logging, mining and exploitative tourism of this area, which is sacred to her Ogala Sioux tribe. Her work has received international recognition, and she hopes that will help return the Black Hills to its rightful owners—the American Indians.

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