Monday, February 22, 2010

Audre Lorde: Podcast on Survival, for all the sisters who struggle with cancer and other forces challenging Black women's lives

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HappY Birthday Audre Lorde: Podcast on Survival

February 18, 2010
On this day 97 years ago…my grandfather Jeremiah Gumbs was born.  Pop-pop was the person who taught me how a love for poetry could transform my life.   It seems not mere coincidence that my favorite poet and chosen ancestor Audre Lorde was ALSO born on this day 76 years ago!  This podcast, lovingly released on this birthday of two of my beloved ancestors who make their spirits known in my life on a daily basis is also dedicated to a new ancestor.

My godmother Aunt Andie (Andria Hall) died from breast cancer a little over a year and a month ago today. To honor Aunt Andie and Audre Lorde, and June Jordan, and my stepsister Kyla’s mom Diane and Mama Nayo Barbara Watkins and so many more beautiful ancestors who are so powerfully with us, my mom, my Aunti Akosua and the brilliant and inspiring Mary Anne Adams who is a breast cancer survivor collaborated on this podcast.  May it be healing for you and may it be an invitation to the energy of all of your ancestors to fill your heart and kiss your face.

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you can also find the recent podcast on itunes if you search “brokenbeautiful press”

And if you are in or near Durham don’t forget to come to the B-day Party this Saturday!!!!!!!/event.php?eid=299116552453


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