Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alice Walker's Open Letter to Tiger Woods

[This image of Alice Walker is from here, and the photographer is Andrea Roth.]
An excerpt:
As your elder, I support you in your effort to try to crash out of a life that you had outgrown. And I feel compassion for your loved ones who must be as confused and hurt as you feel yourself. It is easy to see how hurt you are feeling by looking into your eyes, which I have recently done (via You Tube) in an effort to see how you, on a soul level, a heart level, are. Sometimes we feel crashing out of a life, by any means necessary, means we are done with life itself. The truth is that we’re only done with the life that no longer feels worth living. That is why we must bear the suffering until it begins to ease, and life shows us the possibility of a new direction. Is this the case with you?

The whole post is here at her blog.

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