Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yes, White Jews can certainly be anti-Black racists (in the U.S. and in Israel), but these two stories are a bit more complex

[this is an image of the main character, Avery, in an excellent documentary called Off and Running, and was found here]

GREAT discussion over at Racialicious about a non-Jewish Jamaican woman who has come to the U.S. and works for a white U.S. Jewish woman with an adopted Black son (he's described as from an African country, and I'll assume that means "sub-Saharan" and that he's Black). That discussion is like model stuff in terms of engagement and respect among the contributors. Wow. Wonderful to see and read. Gives me hope for the blogosphere, not that there's only one way to engage, but... really wonderful levels of insight and sharing. Really feels like "caring community"! The real story discussed at Racialicious should not be confused at all with the story in the documentary linked to below, which these first two images are from.

This is a picture of Avery with the rest of her family:

 [image found here]

I posted a comment with these two links:
-- one to an excellent documentary called Off and Running
-- one to a classic U.S. essay by James Baldwin, which can be found and read here.
The film is a must see documentary, imo, and the essay is a classic. (Yes, he does assume "all the Jews are white" but that was his experience.) I think James Baldwin is so beautiful, had one of the best minds of the 20th Century, and I wish I could sit down with him and talk for hours. He, Harriet Tubman, Audre Lorde, and Andrea Dworkin. But if I had to pick one man from U.S. history, JB all the way!

[image of James Baldwin is from here]

To read the post over @ Racialicious, just click here.


Melanie said...

I just love James Baldwin too. Have you seen Take This Hammer? SFSU just posted it online at

Julian Real said...

Thank you SO MUCH, Melanie!!!

I've never seen Take This Hammer before! I am so appreciative of you sending me this link!

I'll repost the link here so it's HTML coded (and will likely do a whole separate post with this information you sent me, Melanie. Again, thank you!!!! From one JB fan to another! - Julian = Take This Hammer, a 44 minute documentary on James Baldwin's visit to San Francisco, and his discussion about race in Amerikkka. (Be prepared for brilliance.)

Melanie said...

Any time. I had never seen it either. The whole thing is amazing, but those last five minutes have quote after quote that I know I'll be going back to.

Julian Real said...


I just sent this to a friend of mine, a transcriber and proofreader, who is going through parts of this and is identifying what is being said when the captions read "inaudible", as well as fine tuning some slightly inaccurate transcription that does show up in the captioned text.

Do you know where he might send those corrected captions to? I'll figure it out if you don't know any more than I do! And again, much appreciation. I haven't yet heard the whole thing, but now you've got me especially eager to hear the end!!!

Melanie said...

The subtitles are really bad in parts.

I have no idea who you would send that to. I can't even remember
where I picked the link up from. I think it was someone on twitter.
I got so excited I just forgot about everything!

Take care.

Julian Real said...

No worries at all, Mel. That's what he does--he'll figure it out.

And I'm with you: the WOW of just seeing it!!! OMG: I <3 JB!

You take care as well. I'll probably link to it today on the blog, so feel free to comment away about it here, and if you'd rather not, that's cool too. :)