Friday, November 6, 2009

Suspected Serial Killer Anthony Sowell Proves That The Police Don't Give A Damn About Black Women As Crime Victims

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Suspected Serial Killer Anthony Sowell Proves That The Police Don't Give A Damn About Black Women As Crime Victims

This nutjob picked the right victims. You can clearly beat, strangle, rape, murder, and descrate the corpses of black women for years despite the fact that you are a well-known convicted rapist, naked bodies are reported to be falling from the windows of your home and your crib stinks up the entire neighborhood because it smells like an abandoned slaughter house.

Somebody in the Cleveland Police Department needs to get fired with major quickness. And whoever in the hell is the local elected officials in that area where this black-ass Jack the Ripper has been living, needs to have their ass booted out of office.




La Reyna said...

All of Sowell's victimswere African-American women, poor/working class, marginalized and ignored by society at large. Some of their families called police to report them missing and the police refused to thoroughly investigate. Sowell was intelligent enough to know that he was taking the lives of women who would not be missed, arrogantly telling one of the victims that no one would care if she disappeared.

It's the same with the Rocky Mount, N.C. murders of young women, whose murderer is still at large and that society also regarded the women as less important than others.

Furthermore, let's go back to 1994, when serial killer Henry Louis Wallace arrested and confessed to murdering 11 beautiful young Black women, most of them coeds and high school students, from 1990-1994. That didn't get the attention of Charlotte cops until the eigth body was recovered in March 1994, then they started to get serious then.

This is indicative of a society that profoundly devalues Black women.

La Reyna

Julian Real said...

Hello La Reyna,

Thank you so much for your comment.

There are those who have written to me to remind me that men of color kill white women too but that is not only not standard practice in racist patriarchies--relative to who kills whom, but it is NOT THE POINT of this post. The point is exactly what you state: when African-American women are killed (by anyone in the U.S.), the media doesn't generally give a shit.

The same is true for the deaths of poor women across race, many ethnicities of women regardless of class, and Indigenous women of all colors.

Anonymous said...

While all of this looks like disaster again, the encouraging thing is some women who are police officers or university security cops are doing a great job.
They caught the Galindo creep, a woman was able to nail the fort hood killer... the lovely irony of fort hood being it was a non-military woman in the police force who got him before he killed dozens of others.

It was a young girl who had the guts to call 911 on the Richmond High rapists, while her chicken brother witnessed the rapes but seemed unable to do anything... at least he told his sister.

We're dealing with killers and rapists and rapist/murderers all the time. Sowell was yet another creep who got away with murder because no one gives a damn when black women are murdered.

It's the same old patterm. So what we really need are a lot more police women on the job. I actually think they could catch these men or smoke them out a lot sooner. I'd feel a lot safer with more women patrolling places that's for sure.

La Reyna said...


Yes and that there are still some people who want to minimize the race/class factor when it comes to murders of Black women such as the Cleveland horrors, the still at large and unsolved murders of Black women in Rocky Mount, N.C. and Los Angeles, Calif., a.k.a., the Grim Sleeper Murders. Not to forget Henry Louis Wallace Murders in Charlotte back in 1994. Some people have a nerve to write that Blacks are playing the race card, that there are white women who are victims of Black serial killers. But the fact is that serial killers target people of their own race. Some even say that the murder cases are just Black crimes so who cares about those victims as oppose to nonblack crime victims.

It's sad to say that the ongoing devaluation of Black women in America is alive and well.

La Reyna

Julian Real said...

To La Reyna,

Thank you for stating what seems to be missed by WAY too many people.

Christina said...

It is very true what dog16arma says concerning the fort hood shooting. Here you have a military base complete controlled and dominated by white males yet it was a woman who saved the day.

There are a lot of good women in both the military and police but unfortunately they are often been held down my the WHM.

To have the military and police completely in the hands of women would be ideal.
Criminals would be brought to justice and not get away with so much just because they are WHM.
Not to mention how women would be able to achieve so much more and advance so much further as they would not be held down by sexist, racist WHM.