Friday, November 6, 2009

Photograph of Julian Real finally revealed on

MRA antihostile wrote:
"Just in case anybody was wondering, here is a picture of Julian Real."

Yes. Above is a photo of me that was recently linked to on It was taken last week actually; the hair looks better now--I sure was upset about the haircut for an hour or two, as you can see! (Sometimes it just takes a good cleansing cry to get over something, you know?)

Also from the same page is this, by "a person" (<--allegedly) who goes by the screenname of ObidiahStane, aka Ironmonger, aka "spaceball" writes about me: "I wonder how he wants to go. Firing squad or beaten to death. I volunteer for either one, so long as I get to see the faggy male feminist cry."

Geesh, Obidiah, like the photo isn't sufficient??

(How much do we have to give to men emotionally, before it's enough!?)

Oh, and just so you know what Obidiah Stane looks like, he's clearly got some vulnerability issues, unlike me up there, who is human and unmachine-like enough to cry.

Click on this link for the Obidiah Stane photo, and notice that on the same page are some of his favorite boy-toys.



Victoria said...

Oh my god. What a bunch of immature and homophobic assholes!

Remember. Resist. Do not comply.

Hugs, Julian.

Julian Real said...

Hugs right back, Victoria!

I hope all is well with you.

(And I will not forget, but thank you for reminding me!)