Friday, September 18, 2009

Tracking U.S. White Men Raping Female Children in Cambodia

[image is from here, where there's an article on global trafficking and sexual slavery]

ABC News prefers to pretend these predators are unraced and ungendered by calling their report: Tracking Suspected American Pedophiles in Cambodia.

The name of this effort to catch these Western white male rapers of female Cambodian children is termed "Operation Twisted Traveler" not "Normal U.S. white men going to Cambodia to rape children, again". Why is that?

The man most focused on in this report is from Arizona, and his name is Harvey Johnson. He has been spending time in Cambodia as "a teacher". This particular girl-raper lies through his teeth as easily as he breathes. It is my sincere hope that he soon not be able to do either.

The story is told in what I found to be a very TRIGGERING way. BE WARNED: graphic details of child-rape are in this report. And, this report is another terribly usual story of yet another white man taking advantage of his privileges to use and abuse human beings for his own pleasure. See here for more. The written report and the video are BOTH VERY DISTURBING. Related stories are below on the same page. Parts 1 and 2 of the story which includes tracking down and interrogating this PRICK may be found at the following two links:




Christina said...

I think most people don’t realise just how many white men travel to countries like Thailand to rape under age girls. Many of them travel there as businessmen so no one suspects anything.
The UK and USA should have laws that enable the underage girls to lodge complaints at the respective UK or USA embassy.
These white men could then be arrested even if by this time they are back in the UK or USA and receive what’s due to them

Julian Real said...

Hi Christina,

White men traveling--what is innocuously called "sex tourism"--to many places around the world, most notably a few countries in Southeast Asia, out to be outlawed, in my opinion. No visas and no setting foot there if you're white and male.

Sweden's newest anti-prostitution law, as I understand it, makes procuring a human being for sex a crime. That means every "john" in Sweden can be arrested and sentenced. That's as it should be in the U.S. and U.K. too. And what's so cool about Sweden's law, is that even if a man who lives in Sweden procures/purchases/prostitutes a person outside of their country, it is still a crime.

This needs to be in effect in any country white men travel out of or within, to procure/purchase/prostitute/pimp and otherwise rent women or girls for "sex".

I would also welcome laws that allowed officials in Phnom Phen, Cambodia, for example, to kill any white man who sets foot on that city's land with the purpose or intent of committing the crime of raping a child or procuring impoverished people for "sex". Also, they should be killed if they have already done so, no matter where they live. No statute of limitations either.

Who the fuck do these rapists think they are: to purchase a plane ticket to jet half-way around the world with the sole intention of getting to rape children and women who are so poor they can't afford the weaponry needed to take out these fuckers.

And the West just loves to focus on how "the parents" sell their children, often leaving out the lies pimps and prostituters and procurers tell the parents about what's about to happen to their child. Fuck focusing on the parents as causal agents of this atrocity. White men need to be fully accountable for what we do, and the way that white man on Nightline lies, straight up, to the camera, with all the evidence presented to him, seeming just as innocent and nice as can be... makes me want to scream bloody murder.

The court system is white and male supremacist and clearly protects men's right to have criminal or unethical or harmful sexual access to poor children and women, everywhere except Sweden. Campaigns to make Sweden's law apply to all white men would go a long way in curbing a lot of this rapism.