Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Woman-hating is often mistaken for man-hating by anti-feminist men and other male supremacists

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Toto has the stamina to take on the silly misogynists on websites like Yahoo Answers. Please note the answers given to the question (click *here* to do so), loaded up with misinformation, that Andrea Dworkin hated people. Someone named Sara asks this:

Open Question

Why was andrea dworkin filled with hatred?

was she abused? and why did she looked like that? im all for equality but you have to take a shower once in a while....was her writings more a projection of her insecurities and pen!s envy?
Here is Toto's reply:
While the truth sometimes blows fiction out of the water--much to the disdain of those who believe fiction more than truthful facts--we must face these truthful facts: Andrea Dworkin was abused as a child, by molestation, and later in her early adulthood, as she survived rape and battery. She also did not hate men. There's so much evidence of her not hating men that one wonders where the rumor came from that she did.

She lived with a man she very much loved, after all, for the last thirty years of her life. She was close with and felt great love for her father, her brother, and her nephew--she has written about each of them. You can read all about it in her memoir, Heartbreak. She spoke to hundreds of men at a men's conference, not about how much she hated men, but about how men have to be responsible and ethical. (See the link to that speech below.) Where's the "hatred of men" in any of that? The truth also shows that even here, at this website, many years after her death, people still want to say hateful and dishonest things about her and other feminists, not about men.

The harsh truth is that men and many other people hate feminists--and women generally. The lie, perpetuated by anti-feminists and misogynists, is that feminists hate men. But then those that want to make their own hatred invisible often do so by pretending "They hate ME!" It's a sad reality when truth cannot be faced, even with evidence. Men's millennia-old rape of women, men procuring women and girls, men trafficking women and girls, men enslaving women and girls, men battering women to the point of hospitalization and death: these are global social problems. Not women doing such things to men or boys.


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