Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thoughts as the Occupation of U.S. Corporate Public Spaces by Liberal, Progressive, and Radical Protestors continues

What is above is from Democracy Now!

I have also been watching the predictably stupid the self-serving commentary by White Conservatives with a microphone in Corporate Media. And how those bought and sold-out spokespeople serve the 1% well, without sincere, humane regard for anyone less privileged than they are. CNN, not too surprisingly, is rivaling FOX in its propagandistic pro-patriarchal patter. I hope you keep them honest, Anderson Cooper.

I've heard some very thoughtful, concerned, and compassionate remarks from demonstrators and protesters around Wall Street and across the United Rapes of Amerikkka, mostly from people WHM supremacist Corporate Media will not allow to the microphone.

When hard-working while unpaid people speak of the need for "jobs" I hope that there is activist reflection on what those jobs ought to serve to do: should they come into existence, will they support Western Corporate Capitalist racist-misogynist-heterosexist values and objectives?

I hope, against great evidence, that city police forces break with their bosses and start organising with protestors to hold dirty white-collar criminals accountable for their war crimes and economic crimes against the 99%.

I hope cooperative housing, barter economies, and other pro-community anti-corporate work and jobs are vocally identified and supported. While we all struggle to survive in various ways, we don't need to prioritise life-support to a system of gross destruction colloquially known as "Western Civilisation". As one pro-Indigenist slogan reads: "U.S. OUT OF NORTH AMERICA!"

I hope that once and for all, U.S. terrorism against Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous people is named as such, and that Western Corporate Media is held to account for perpetuating an erroneous idea that self-determination, anti-colonial activism, anti-imperialist organising, and ideosyncratic aggression by people who aren't white constitutes "terrorism". It isn't nearly as terrifying as the well-funded, systematic, and on-going aggression perpetrated by rich whites and men, and their thugs and cronies, all over the world.

I hope it is kept in mind and protest action that "class warfare" is what is being waged daily by the richest 1% against the 99%, nationally and internationally. And that getting more power in a murderous, ecocidal system, while often necessary, isn't a humane or sustainable project.

And I hope that out of these protests a new radical anti-heterosexism perspective is fostered and nurtured which doesn't pretend "gender" is  just difference without dominance--by men against women and everyone male not deemed appropriately masculinist in behavior.

And I hope that "peace" is understood to be more than an absence of Empire-reinforcing warfare, gross militarism fused to a sociopathic form of patriotism, although surely it is at least that. And I hope that it surfaces among the white- and male-dominated groups that it is and will continue to be women of color leading us all to a better present and future. Those of us who are either white or male can work to promote and support the activism of Asian, Indigenous, Black, and Brown feminists across the globe. And to assist in the non-imperialistic flourishing of their values and practices.

What I hope doesn't get lost is the perspectives and prescriptions from the most marginalised and oppressed people in the U.S. and in places that U.S. economic domestic and foreign policy negatively impacts. I hope microphones are permanently installed in places that have been completely silenced by CRAP-loaded Corporate Media, including by Indigenous activists addressing how corporate capitalism, white supremacy, and euro-patterned patriarchal practices combine forces to continue a hundreds-years-old genocide. And by women across class and race who speak to the on-going millennia-old gynocide. I expect, however, that those two groups specifically will be marginalised in progressive white- and male-dominated activist venues. I'd love to be wrong about that.

I close, for now, with this, from Democracy Now!:

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