Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ten Questions for DSK, aka: Dominique Strauss-Kahn

photo of Dominique Strauss-Kahn is from here

1. Have you ever raped anyone?
2. Have you ever sexually assaulted anyone?
3. Have you ever failed to report a rape you did not commit but knew was committed?
4. Have you ever helped a man who raped someone cover up the rape?
5. Do you think that an unrepentant rapist should be the head of the World Bank, the IMF, or the leader of any country?
6. What should be done to men who sexually assault or rape women and then use lawyers to put the blame on the sexually assaulted victim?
7. Does the IMF operate in a culture of misogyny and sexual violence?
8. Have you ever procured a woman or girl for the purposes of renting her for what you determine to be "sex"?
9. What kind of pornography do you most enjoy watching? What themes, genres, or websites?
10. Can you explain why the law and social custom usually protects men who sexually assault women and girls?

To all who visit here:
Please note that men's laws are set up to protect rapists, not to bring about justice for girls and women who are raped and otherwise subordinated and terrorised. We do not live in a society in which men who rape or sexually assault women or girls are mandated to be honest about committing the assaults. Why is that? Are rapists' potential self-incrimination really worse--morally, socially, and politically--than the systematic rape of women?

To all the men out there who rage about women falsely accusing men of rape, I wonder: do you give a shit about all the men who lie about not committing rape when, in fact and in reality, they have? Or does your belief in truth-telling apply to women only?

I don't imagine too many human beings, if female, are "credible" enough to walk through the misogynist land mine that is white men's courts and laws. I do wish Mr. Strauss-Kahn, and all the men who are powerfully positioned in the world of international finance and control of funds, would be honest about past assaults against women and girls, including trafficked human beings.

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Struss-Kahn has a history of sexual predatoriness towards women and this is fact not speculation - yet he is seen as a 'credible white male.' Why? Because he is white, has immense political and financial power and most importantly is male.

Women however are commonly viewed as 'non-credible' whenever they dare to hold men accountable for committing sexual violence against them. Why? Because women unlike men are held to an impossible moral standard and I doubt if there is any woman who can ever meet the impossible moral standards men set for them in order to be accepted as a 'respectable and credible woman.'

I am horrified that yet another serial male rapist will doubtless walk free and continue to subject innumerable women to male sexual violence. Oh but I forget we live in a white male supremacist system and that means only men who are non-white and poor are considered to be 'real rapists' whereas all other men can if they choose rape and commit sexual violence against women freely and without being held accountable for their crimes against all women and girls.

Men's laws were set up to protect men's sexual property from other men and also to ensure men can freely if they so choose rape any woman or girl because men's laws are designed to protect men's pseudo right of sexual access to any female 24/7. That is the reality for all women living in our rape culture.

Win win for white male supremacy and sadly a continuing centuries old struggle for women to be accorded their human dignity and bodily autonomy - something which white men have been granted for centuries.