Monday, June 20, 2011

Domestic Terrorists, Misopedists, and Serial Violators of Women: what terms do you use for these abusers?

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Change "Domestic Violence"
(Reasoning: too invisibilising of the fact that the primary emergency is horrendously abusive men controlling, dominating, beating, mind-fucking, serial raping, and crushing the wills of women, so...)
To "Domestic Terrorism", "Patriarchal Domestic Terrorism" and "Men Terrorizing Women Domestically"

Change "LGBT" (eliminate GLBT
(Reasoning: total invisibilisation of intersex, intergender, and asexual people; also, finding an acronym that visibilises Two Spirit, Same-Gender Loving, and Non-Gender Conforming--or Gender Non-Conforming--people)

Change "pedophilia" and "pedophile"
(Reasoning: no harmer of children should be popularly called "a lover of children" or a "child-lover", so...)
To "misopedia" and "misopedist", or "child hating" and "child-hater", or "child raping" and "child-raper"

Change "Sexual Trafficking and "Sex Trafficking"
(Reasoning: invisibilises the age- and gender-based harm completely)
To "Rapists Trafficking Girls" and "Pimps Trafficking Raped Girls"

Change "Porn Addict" and "Sex Addict"
(Reasoning: Makes the actions seem harmless, like no one is being hurt and oppressed)
To "Serial Violator of Women"

What do you think, readers? Concerns? Questions? Comments? Answers?


  1. In the UK the term 'gender-based violence' is increasingly applied whenever a male(s) commits violence against women and the reason is obvious - because the sex of perpetrators must always remain hidden. Women have never had their sex hidden whenever they are charged with committing a crime - even a crime which is not one of sexual violence.

    Agree 'domestic violence' like 'gender violence' makes the nonsensical claim it is 'domestic' and 'gender' which is committing violence not men. Intimate male terrorism is another term which can be applied.

    Likewise the term paedophile invisibilises fact it is males who are raping children so let's use the term child rapist(s) but even that does not name the male perpetrators' sex.

    'Sex trafficking' like 'human trafficking' is commonly used to hide which sex is being trafficked and which sex are the ones demanding an endless supply of females for male sexual consumption after which they are discarded like disposable products.

    'Trafficking females into sexual slavery' is a tad long but it serves the purpose which is defining what is happening to women. Or even female sexual enslavement is another useful term.

    As regards porn addict and sex addict - it must be changed to 'serial violator of women.' Men 'choose' to consume porn - no one is forcing them and men must accept accountability for engaging in serial violation of women.

    All the above have one thing in common and that is the deliberate continued hiding of male accountability because men are apparently not a 'sex' they are individuals but women are always 'sex' and nothing else.

  2. Good news, apparently some men are apologizing for rapes committed by other men...

    Now if only we could get the actual rapists to confess?

  3. Yes, Suzanne!

    If men who rape would only admit to doing so, we'd have so much less misogynistic, racist, classist, re-traumatising interrogation and violation of women who charge rapists with raping them.

    Thanks for your comment. Here's the link you sent, HTML coded:

    video of men apologising for rape

  4. Be it in the UK or be it in the US, when a man finally does get convicted and sent to jail for a crime he has committed against a women. One can be certain that in the majority of cases the man will be African. Yet in both countries, white males significantly out number black men.
    Does this mean that black men mistreat and abuse women and children more so then white men?
    Well considering that the laws (which are extremely sexist and racist) of these lands are created and enforced by white males, I can only think that the logical conclusion to this question would be no.
    In both countries we have far too many white males walking around freely abusing and enslaving women and children knowing that they have the support of white male supremacy. In fact some of these crimes are not even considered crimes under white male supremacy. Rape only happens when a white male defines it as rape, as under WHM supremacy women aren’t intelligent enough to understand what rape is.
    The point of this is we need to get rid of white male lawmakers and replace them with people who actually care about women and girls and will just as quickly throw a white male into jail as they would anyone else.