Saturday, May 21, 2011

George Takei's response to the Tennessee, USA "Don't Say Gay!" bill

So, if we can't say "Gay", can we say "Lesbian"? And if we can't say Gay or Lesbian, can we say "Bi"? I'd love to see them try and regulate the use of that word.

Hmmmm. Saying "good-bye" would take on a whole new meaning.

Maybe we can finally get the homophobic slur, "That's so gay!" cleared from school hallways and playgrounds. Yeah, let's do what George is suggesting. Please buy your t-shirt or button in time for your city's Pride Celebration. And then we can watch anti-gay/anti-lesbian fascistic white Christian harassers try and ban the word "Takei".

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I'll mention that I'm concerned the replacement phrase could get used in some very white places where sensitivity to racism regarding Japanese-American and Japanese people is low to non-existent. I think The Vapors really fucked up with their one-hit wonder, Turning Japanese. This whole campaign could "go there".

Lesbian news reporter and commentator Rachel Maddow, has declared this "the best new thing!" And she may be right. We'll see. Personally, I'm for replacing the word "gay" when used that way with the term "het".

And, I love George Takei's very clever forms of activism for LGBTIA people. Yay, George!!!!

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