Friday, May 13, 2011

A Radical Profeminist: 1500 posts in almost three years, 120 followers, almost 99,000 visitors since the end of Sept. 2010!!

image is of A Radical Profeminist's visitor map from ClustrMaps

To all the readers of this blog, thank you so very much--from North America, India, and Australia; to the Ireland, Mexico, and Spain; to Malaysia, Sweden, and South Africa; to Egypt, Iceland, and Vietnam; to Nigeria, Jamaica, and Jordan; to Sudan, Fiji, and Ecuador; to Benin, St. Lucia, and Paraguay; to Anguilla, Liechtenstein, and Ethiopia. 

Without you, I would have given up communicating years ago. 
A very special thank you to my 120 followers. ((HUG))

I hope this blog supports and encourages your activism and ability to resist all forms of oppression and inhumanity. Power to us all.

Current Country Totals
From 29 Sep 2010 to 6 May 2011

United States (US)49,936
Canada (CA)7,597
United Kingdom (GB)7,368
India (IN)4,163
Australia (AU)3,038
Germany (DE)1,688
Saudi Arabia (SA)1,117
Philippines (PH)909
Pakistan (PK)847
Indonesia (ID)842
Taiwan (TW)840
France (FR)831
Brazil (BR)821
Netherlands (NL)797
Italy (IT)744
Malaysia (MY)673
Sweden (SE)633
South Africa (ZA)628
United Arab Emirates (AE)545
Japan (JP)492
Poland (PL)491
Norway (NO)459
Turkey (TR)443
Ireland (IE)440
Mexico (MX)433
Spain (ES)417
Greece (GR)410
Belgium (BE)367
New Zealand (NZ)367
Finland (FI)365
Singapore (SG)363
Denmark (DK)299
Romania (RO)298
Austria (AT)297
Thailand (TH)280
Portugal (PT)275
Czech Republic (CZ)273
Egypt (EG)263
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR)256
Korea, Republic of (KR)252
Iceland (IS)233
Vietnam (VN)231
Switzerland (CH)227
Russian Federation (RU)205
Croatia (HR)203
Hungary (HU)199
Israel (IL)193
Serbia (RS)169
Slovakia (SK)167
Argentina (AR)159
Bulgaria (BG)150
Ukraine (UA)146
Kuwait (KW)144
Sri Lanka (LK)137
Hong Kong (HK)136
Lithuania (LT)115
Bangladesh (BD)113
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)110
Colombia (CO)107
Tunisia (TN)103
Qatar (QA)101
Chile (CL)100
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)99
Isle of Man (IM)98
Algeria (DZ)98
Slovenia (SI)95
Europe (EU)89
Puerto Rico (PR)87
Kenya (KE)85
Morocco (MA)83
Oman (OM)80
Nigeria (NG)79
Jamaica (JM)76
Jordan (JO)72
Iraq (IQ)66
Lebanon (LB)66
Georgia (GE)64
Peru (PE)63
Bahrain (BH)58
Albania (AL)52
Nepal (NP)48
Palestinian Territory (PS)48
Bahamas (BS)46
Latvia (LV)46
Venezuela (VE)45
Macedonia (MK)45
Costa Rica (CR)44
Malta (MT)43
Estonia (EE)43
Cyprus (CY)42
Yemen (YE)42
Moldova, Republic of (MD)38
Ghana (GH)37
Zimbabwe (ZW)34
Aland Islands (AX)34
Cambodia (KH)32
Barbados (BB)32
Uganda (UG)31
Sudan (SD)30
Fiji (FJ)29
Ecuador (EC)28
Mauritius (MU)27
Maldives (MV)26
Senegal (SN)25
Mongolia (MN)25
Armenia (AM)23
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (LY)23
Afghanistan (AF)23
Uruguay (UY)22
Guatemala (GT)21
Dominican Republic (DO)20
Azerbaijan (AZ)19
Botswana (BW)18
Nicaragua (NI)18
Bolivia (BO)16
Panama (PA)15
Brunei Darussalam (BN)15
Guam (GU)14
Belarus (BY)14
Tanzania, United Republic of (TZ)14
El Salvador (SV)13
Honduras (HN)13
Namibia (NA)13
Belize (BZ)13
Luxembourg (LU)11
Montenegro (ME)11
China (CN)11
Syrian Arab Republic (SY)10
Virgin Islands, U.S. (VI)10
Jersey (JE)9
Lao People's Democratic Republic (LA)9
Haiti (HT)9
Aruba (AW)9
Asia/Pacific Region (AP)8
Bermuda (BM)8
Suriname (SR)8
Bhutan (BT)8
Macau (MO)7
Netherlands Antilles (AN)7
Djibouti (DJ)7
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VC)7
Guyana (GY)7
Cote D'Ivoire (CI)7
Rwanda (RW)7
Kazakstan (KZ)6
Dominica (DM)6
Mozambique (MZ)6
Angola (AO)6
Grenada (GD)6
Guernsey (GG)5
Congo, The Democratic Republic of the (CD)5
Cameroon (CM)5
Zambia (ZM)5
Uzbekistan (UZ)4
Madagascar (MG)4
Kyrgyzstan (KG)4
Antigua and Barbuda (AG)4
Reunion (RE)4
Faroe Islands (FO)4
Lesotho (LS)3
Gibraltar (GI)3
Papua New Guinea (PG)3
Benin (BJ)3
Saint Lucia (LC)3
Paraguay (PY)3
New Caledonia (NC)3
Monaco (MC)3
Eritrea (ER)2
Martinique (MQ)2
Virgin Islands, British (VG)2
Northern Mariana Islands (MP)2
Timor-Leste (TL)2
Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN)2
French Guiana (GF)2
Togo (TG)2
Swaziland (SZ)2
Sierra Leone (SL)2
Tajikistan (TJ)2
American Samoa (AS)2
Cayman Islands (KY)1
Greenland (GL)1
Vanuatu (VU)1
Liberia (LR)1
Myanmar (MM)1
Burkina Faso (BF)1
Gambia (GM)1
Montserrat (MS)1
Guadeloupe (GP)1
Turkmenistan (TM)1
Guinea-Bissau (GW)1
Seychelles (SC)1
Anguilla (AI)1
Liechtenstein (LI)1
Ethiopia (ET)1
United States Minor Outlying Islands (UM)1


lauren said...

Congratulations on your blog, Julian!
You are making a very important contribution.

Julian Real said...

Amethystt has left a new comment on your post "A Radical Profeminist: 1500 posts in almost three ...":

I check this blog daily but I just added myself as a follower to show my support. :)

You're fantastic and I'm glad I'm not the only one who stumbled upon your blog.


Julian Real said...

I appreciate you taking the time to write, Amethystt. I'll try not to disappoint in future posts!

Anonymous said...

It's so awesome that you are able to see how many folks from different countries read your blog. While I am a fan of WP (I have used blogger in the past), I don't think WP allows us to see this.

I also don't think there's a way to see how many *different* users are visiting the blog, rather than the same one over and over.

Anyhow, thanks for the providing such a great service for the feminist and progressive communities!

Julian Real said...

Hi womononajourney,

Thank you so much for your comment. :)

Yes, it is really awesome to be able to see where folks are visiting from!! I think there are apps or widgets that can do some of that. "Sitemeter" is one. I'm not sure if it's "blogger-specific" or not. I hope you get to see where your readers and visitors are from.

Julian Real said...

Also to womononajourney, please also see especially: ClustrMaps!!