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Nuclear Madness: There's a Cure! Listen to Feminist and Indigenous Women Around the World, for a SUSTAINABLE CHANGE!

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If radioactive plutonium in the sea water off the shore of Japan isn't enough to convince you that Nuclear Power Plants are not "plants" but are designed to produce waste materials that poison plants and all Life, then I don't know what the hell you're eating. And the waste products that kill everything are part of what nuclear power "plants" do that they are SUPPOSED to do. We're not even talking here about "when things go very wrong".

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Nigeria: Group demands global nuclear phase out

Lagos, Nigeria - About 50 laureates of the Right Livelihood Award and members of the World Future Council have demanded a global nuclear phase out, according to a press release jointly issued by the members and made available to PANA here Tuesday. “Nuclear power is neither the answer to modern energy problems nor a panacea for climate change challenges. There is no solution of problems by creating more problems,” they stated in the declaration signed by experts, activists, politicians, clergy, entrepreneurs and scientists from 26 countries.

Among the signatories are Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai from Kenya, environmental activist Vandana Shiva and Ashok Khosla, Co-President of the Club of Rome, both from India, Maude Barlow, UN Consultant from Canada, Hafsat Abiola-Costello, human rights activist from Nigeria, Alexander Likhotal from Russia, President of the Green Cross International, Francisco Whitaker Ferreira from Brazil, Co-Founder of the World Social Forum and Erwin Kräutler, Austrian and bishop in Brazil.

“To get a grip on climate change and on nuclear threats is not a technological challenge. It is a psychological and political challenge,” said Jakob von Uekull, Founder of the Right Livelihood Award and the World Future Council.

“With this declaration we want to demonstrate how strong the worldwide support for a global nuclear phase out is. We believe that a crisis can always be a chance for change,” von Uekull said.

Pana 30/03/2011

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