Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day: March or April? And who is truly working to Take Back The Earth?

photograph of Winona LaDuke is from here
Winona LaDuke is an activist, writer, and the founding director of  WELRP. See *here* and below for more:
We work to continue, revive, and protect our native seeds, heritage crops, naturally grown fruits, animals, wild plants, traditions and knowledge of our indigenous and land-based communities; for the purpose of maintaining and continuing our culture and resisting the global, industrialized food system that can corrupt our health, freedom, and culture through inappropriate food production and genetic engineering.
From the WELRP website:
Winona LaDuke is an Anishinaabekwe (Ojibwe) enrolled member of the Mississippi Band Anishinaabeg who lives and works on the White Earth Reservations, and is the mother of three children. She is also the Executive Director of Honor the Earth, where she works on a national level to advocate, raise public support, and create funding for frontline native environmental groups.
In case you haven't noticed, there are patterns and systems at work in the destruction of the Earth. Wealthy white men, corporate capitalists, and government leaders are all key power-brokers working very hard to kill everything on Earth in order to earn profits and gain power for the very short term.

What you are likely to see in corporate media news is how whites do good things to help decrease pollution or trash. What you are not likely to see in the same media is how white men do atrocious things to Indigenous people, women and girls of all colors and nations, and the Earth.

*Here* is a discussion of the history of Earth Day by Adam Monroe, which seeks to keep the idea that it is white men who care about the Earth: a blatant lie if viewed on the collectivist level. On the systemic and collectivist level it has been Indigenous People globally who have always fought for the Earth's survival, and their own; living sustainably with the Earth traditionally, historically, is not a white cultural tradition. The white tradition is to consume everything in and on the Earth, giving back nothing but poisons, toxins, and pollutants.

*Here* is the promotion of a book that also makes the case it is the White Man who can rescue the Earth from white men. Work for the Earth by promoting and supporting the efforts of Indigenous people around the world, including by advocating for land being returned to the Indigenous people from whom it was stolen by European men. Support and remember Indigenous Feminism and Indigenist Feminists in the U.S.

End the myth of the White Male Hero. His time to lead has passed. Promote the Indigenous Woman Hero Reality. Her time has never left.

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