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Be Outraged. And Organise Against the Major U.S. Banks and the Government: "The Next Housing Shock" by CBS's 60 Minutes with Scott Pelley (April 3, 2011)

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This story would be unbelievable if it were fiction. The history of the U.S. is the history of displacing people from their homes. We begin with the English, French, and other European men who came here to steal land from those who already lived here, pretending this was a New World, not an Old World they were trespassing on. We move into the many ways wealthier people gentrify neighborhoods, forcing working poor and working class people out, allowing wealthier whiter people in. Because all the effected people so far are not white and men, we don't expect them to organise against the U.S. government's and corporations' fraudulent, thieving ways.

But now imagine the shock of the banking industry when they attempted to foreclose on a middle class white woman for not paying her mortgage, and using a fraudulent document to try and kick her to the curb. As you'll see, she was an attorney who had trained the FBI in how to recognise forged and fraudulent documents. And she showed them.

I hope everyone who has been negatively affected by what you see here will organise to hold the banks accountable, if you haven't already. These banks charge us all kinds of ridiculous, shareholder-enriching fees for making tiny mistakes, like buying something that cost five dollars over what we have in our checking account because we're not shareholders and only have a few dollars to our name. What do we charge them for illegally taking our homes, leaving us homeless, while committing fraud?

Women of all colors have been the primary movers and shakers of justice-seeking activism. The portraits of the alleged heroes of so many social justice movements erase the women out of history, fictionalising the accounts of social change to make it seem as though only men have the capabilities to lead--yet another form of gross theft and intentional dishonesty. So don't forget those women of all colors, who have been active for decades, for centuries, on the land that is this relatively new country, as you watch what follows.

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The next housing shock

April 3, 2011 5:00 PM
As more and more Americans face mortgage foreclosure, banks' crucial ownership documents for the properties are often unclear and are sometimes even bogus, a condition that's causing lawsuits and hampering an already weak housing market. Scott Pelley reports.
Mortgage paperwork mess: the next housing shock?

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vluk said...

White males are driven by greed and entitlement and this is no different in the UK. The way British white businessmen tread people of color is disgusting. Many black Africans had their own countries destroyed by British white males. They come to the UK in the hope of a better life, but still the white males go out of their way to destroy their lives.
White males are the cause of all the poverty that so many black people find themselves in because they exploit black people and then keep all the money for themselves.

The sooner we can get all the white males out of power and replace them with feminists and black women the sooner we will end poverty.