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Aboriginal Activism Alert. Assist the Indigenous People of Australia in Stopping Genocide. Two Petitions: please sign by 7 May 2011

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Newsletter date: 24 Apr 2011

This newsletter:

* Jobs with Justice - Petition Lauch & Rally - May 5
* UN Petition to restore Human Rights to NT Aboriginal People
- sign by May 7
* Other Northern Territory (NT) Intervention articles
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Australia’s Indigenous languages "Top 10 moments in the sun"
* Help Stop the Muckaty Radioactive Waste Dump - May 7-8
* Background to Muckaty Station nuclear waste dump
* National Congress of Australia's First Peoples
* Background to National Congress of Australia's First Peoples
* Aboriginal Deaths in Custody


Jobs with Justice: Protest May 5
22 Apr 11: "Protest: Stop the NT Intervention
- Jobs with Justice now!
Petition launch and rally 12pm Thurs May 5
70 Philip st – Sydney CBD [Outside the offices of
Indigenous employment Minister Mark Arbib]
In May, a petition sponsored Unions NT and the CFMEU
demanding justice for NT Aboriginal workers will be
presented to the Senate. On May 5, the petition will be
launched in Sydney by Greens Senator Rachel Siewert and the
The petition demands backpay at award rates for Aboriginal
people working for Centrelink payments, half quarantined on
a ‘BasicsCard’, as part of the reformed Community
Development Employment Program (CDEP) introduced alongside
the NT Intervention. ...
The petition has a particular focus on the use of
‘BasicsCard’ workers by the $672 million Intervention
housing program (SIHIP). While contractors like Leighton’s
Holdings have made millions from SIHIP, Aboriginal people
working on housing renovations have been paid as little as
$6 per hour. ...
Organised by: Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) "

Download the flyer here:

You can sign the petition online here:

- Background

WGAR News: Online petition about Aboriginal workers exploited under SIHIP housing program (2 Apr 11)

Jobs With Justice: A union and community campaign for Aboriginal jobs

Crikey: Workers say they’re being ripped off under indigenous housing program

Crikey: Indigenous workers are getting screwed under the SIHIP program


[A reminder that your signature is needed by 7 May.]

GoPetition: Restore Human Rights to the Northern Territory
Aboriginal People
Published by 'concerned Australians'
26 Mar 11: "Target: Navi Pillay UN Human Rights Commissioner ...
Web site:
Background (Preamble):
Navi Pillay, a former South Africa High Court Judge, is the
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. She will
visit Australia in May.
This follows several years of criticism regarding
Australia’s poor human rights record and last year’s visit
to Geneva by Aboriginal elders who raised the Northern
Territory Intervention with the Committee for the
Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
The Northern Territory Intervention imposed in June 2007,
without consultation or the consent of Aboriginal people,
continues to be a source of grave injustice. It has
overridden the rights of the people, placed their culture
and languages in jeopardy while removing their control
over their land and communities. ... "

You can sign the petition online here:

- Background

WGAR News: Urgent UN petition to restore human rights to NT Aboriginal people (29 Mar 11)

'concerned Australians' - Without Justice there can be no Reconciliation

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