Monday, March 28, 2011

If you don't yet think U.S. and UK Capitalist Racist Atrocious Patriarchy isn't thoroughly corrupt, see this...

This, people, is CRAP, in all it's ugly glory--making poor people pay taxes when multi-billion dollar corporations pay nothing, get tax breaks, and rob the people of the U.S., the UK, and the world of much-needed resources to survive. If this isn't outrageous, what is it? Please organise in the streets, in front of corrupt corporate offices and businesses, and don't let corporations rob from poor working people and the middle class to give to the richest of the rich. It will always be marginalised women who are hurt most by racist capitalist patriarchy, by CRAP, because that's what the economic-social-political system is designed to do.

The financial institutions, including the IMF and World Bank, including Wall Street, and the U.S. military and NATO forces, and Western patriarchies are all fused together into one willfully evil system that is globalised and murderous without regard for human, non-human animal, or any other Life. Proof follows. But just listen to any Indigenous women activists and activist women in the Global South to find out the deeper truths, of just how ecocidal, genocidal, and gynocidal all of this is. If it looks like CRAP, smells like CRAP, and feels like CRAP, guess what? It's CRAP.

Stop men from ruling. Stop whites from ruling. That's be a good place to start.

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“This is Economic Treason”: 500,000 March in London Protesting Public Spending Cuts and Corporate Tax Dodgers

As many as 500,000 protesters marched in London on Saturday to protest Britain’s deepest cuts to public spending since World War II. The protests come after U.K. officials estimated corporate taxes would be reduced even as it tackles a $235 billion deficit and plans to cut more than 300,000 public sector jobs. Meanwhile, in the United States protesters gathered in 40 cities on Saturday to oppose tax cuts for the wealthy amid budget cuts to public services. We broadcast a video report from the streets of London and speak to British journalist Johann Hari and Allison Kilkenny of Citizen Radio in New York.

Report by Brandon Jourdan, filed from the streets of London with Marianne Maeckelbergh.
Johann Hari, British journalist and columnist for The Independent of London.
Allison Kilkenny, co-host of Citizen Radio. She has been blogging in The Nation about the US Uncut movement.

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