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Dr. Vandana Shiva Held at Canadian Border, but She Will Speak in Calgary!

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Renowned Scientist, Vandana Shiva Held at Canadian Border

written by Chris Cook 

Renowned Scientist/Activist, Vandana Shiva Held at Canadian Border
by C. L. Cook
Vandana Shiva was scheduled to speak tonight in Calgary, Alberta, spiritual home of far right Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper. But, like other activists and writers trying to enter Canada lately, things didn't go smoothly for her.

Shiva is also scheduled to receive tomorrow a University of Calgary's Consortium for Peace Studies award. (Please see below break for details).

Swerve Calgary reports Shiva is being held tonight at the Canada/U.S. border due to "an issue with her visa.

Vandana Shiva now joins a lengthening list of dissident writers, reporters, and activists harried by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA).

In 2009, then British MP George Galloway was not allowed entry into Canada due to his alleged support for Palestinian groups listed by the CBSA as terrorist organizations. Galloway took the case to court, where Stephen Harper's government was rebuked.

Last year, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! found herself cooling her heels at the border when Canadian agents refused to believe she was not going to Vancouver to report critically on the Olympic games. Goodman recounted the bizarre incident to the crowd awaiting her speaking engagement in the Olympic city.

No such luck for Calgarians who had hoped to hear Shiva speak tonight.

The CBSA is overseen by minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturism Jason Kenney, a controversial figure for callous remarks regarding refugees, and more recently embroiled in a fund raising scandal.

[A date not kept: India’s famed environmental activist knows all about taking a stand. She’ll be in town on March 9 to discuss democracy, empowerment of women, development, social justice and the environment.  Vandana Shiva speaks Wednesday, March 9, 7 p.m. At Murray Fraser Hall, University of Calgary. $12 – $15.]

[On March 10th, the University of Calgary’s Consortium for Peace Studies will award Dr. Vandana Shiva, a world-renowned environmental activist from New Dehli, The Calgary Peace Prize. The awards ceremony and banquet will be held at the Calgary Golf & Country Club. Tickets are available via the U of C’s secure Net Community: TICKETS]


Upcoming Speakers & Events

URGENT RELEASE to all attendees of “An Evening with Vandana Shiva” and to all Calgarians and the media  
Dr Vandana Shiva event will proceed... The Show Will Go On!!  
Calgary Community Rallies to support Consortium for Peace Studies event @ Mac Hall tonight... 1000 expected to attend  
Dr. Vandana Shiva, respected environmentalist, activist, philosopher and author was scheduled to speak to a sold out audience of 1000 people at Mac Hall this evening.  Her visit to Calgary was prompted by the awarding of the 2011 Calgary Peace Prize, which was to be presented to her by Mayor Nenshi tomorrow evening.  
With great misfortune Vandana has been unable to cross the U.S. border and enter into Canada as officials claim her Visa has expired.

However we are working extremely hard with Immigration Canada to have her arrive in Calgary.

THE SHOW WILL GO ON... Calgary Community Rallies to support Consortium Peace event
A diverse line up of local eco/food/peace celebrities has volunteered to speak at the event. 
Kris Vester, Paul Hughes, Wade Sirios, Chris Turner & Hugo Bonjean will each address the audience for 10 minutes, followed by a panel discussion. Numerous local agencies will also be participating and information booths will be set up so audience members can have their questions answered about local food justice & peace issues. We are also working with the Mayor Nenshi’s office to have him come and speak at the event.  
The Consortium for Peace Studies at the University of Calgary had planned to honor Dr. Shiva for her commitment to social justice, empowerment of women in developing countries, her advocacy of human rights and her scientific analysis of environmental sustainability.
Her talk was to address elements of the global food crisis and its relation to democracy, gender justice and the environment.  
We are trying our best to bring Vandana Shiva over to Calgary by March 11, 2011. We will reschedule a public lecture with her and if you have bought a ticket to the event, you will get free entry to the lecture by her and the public event for tonite.  If you want a ticket refund, please contact the Consortium for Peace Studies after March 14th, 2011.

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