Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dedgurlcingztheblooze: Decoding the Terminology of Trans-Politics ep 5: Discussing the concept of "woman" and "feeling like a woman" as it regards M2F, and the issues with that usage.


Anonymous said...

I really like her espisode, "Blending In". She raised some good points, one of which was that why would a trans person want to blend in or pass as their target gender unless they found the system which surrounded that gender to be acceptable? It's not eliminating society's expectation of gender conformity, but reinforcing it.

And she also said that the reason some white people prefered to identify as anything other than white was because they didn't want to take responsible for all the baggage -- the privileges they had been given as a white person. Made a lot of sense! And of course, that's also why mtf don't want to acknowledge their male privilege they were raised with.

Anyway, nice! Btw I have no idea why my name isn't showing, it's m Andrea. And apologies for being bossy the last time I was here.

Julian Real said...

No apologies requested by me, but I surely accept it, m Andrea. :)

I'm not sure either why your name isn't showing up as you'd like it to. I hope that gets worked out somehow. I'm trying to find an answer for that, and this site may offer it:

And, thanks so much for your comment. While I don't feel the burden should be on marginalised people to do what non-marginalised people don't do, I think the points made in this post are irrefutably on-point and politically relevant.

Her political points surely deserve to be respectfully responded to by those few M2F pseudo-spokespeople (and their queer and non-queer allies) who are promoting this politic of male privilege-denial.