Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Fundraiser for Women's Earth Alliance: details here

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I just got this email and am happy to pass along the information. I hope it helps generate funds for Women's Earth Alliance,
Hi Julian,

Thanks for having such a dynamic presence in the blogosphere. Bloggers like you have inspired Women's Earth Alliance this year!

This season, we are trying something completely new for us -- an e-card campaign called the Ripple of Giving (

We'd really appreciate your helping us spread the word by blogging about this campaign. If you’re interested, you can blog the following:

Send this e-card to support a great campaign supporting grassroots women leaders around the world,


Amira Diamond, Melinda Kramer and the Women's Earth Alliance Team

From that website:

By sending WEA's "Ripple of Giving" e-card to someone you love, you empower grassroots women leaders across the world with the tools they need to transform poverty, sickness, injustice, and degradation into health, sustainability, peace, and power. Join the ripple. When you invest in women, knowledge spreads, solutions emerge, and communities thrive.

Here's How it Works:
You send the Ripple e-card ($10 donation to WEA per card) with personalized messages to your loved ones. But that's not all...

The real ripple begins when you get others to do the same. You hand-pick 5 of your most connected friends and ask them to send cards as well. Then they pick 5 more friends, and on it ripples!

You become a central part of completing WEA's financial goals for 2010, while sending ripples of good thoughts to people you love! With each card you send, you contribute to clean water campaigns in Africa, training for women farmers in India, and advocacy support to Native American leaders
in North America.

Preview a clip of the card here...

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