Friday, November 19, 2010

URGENT: NEEDED: Names and contact persons for Women's Human Rights Groups: Anti-trafficking, Economic Justice, Reproductive Justice, Anti-Genocide/Pro-Indigenist, Anti-Rape, Anti-War, and more

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Hello A.R.P. readers and visitors,

There is a unique opportunity to get some good mass media press for international women's rights groups (from any nation and any region) working in any area of women's lives: anti-violence, pro-Indigenous Rights, environmental justice, economic justice, anti-trafficking/anti-sexual exploitation, anti-racism, anti-rape, anti-war, and more. I am doing some work for a woman who will publish information on many Women's Rights groups. She has asked me to gather group/organisation names and contact information. I'm hoping the information provided by the organisers and activists doing the work, about themselves, will be what is presented by the woman author of the article forthcoming @ a mainstream media online website.

If you know of any groups or organisations, particularly activist groups and direct support groups, or are part of any groups or organisations doing this or related work, please either write to me at the email address with this blog:, or post information as a comment to this blog post, below.

Thank you so much for all you are doing for women. Everywhere. This is an opportunity, especially, to get some attention focused on important groups who get no press attention at all, so, especially groups working in remote areas, rural areas, ignored urban centers, in the Third World, the Fourth World, the Global South, across Asia and Africa, across Central and South America, and pro-women's rights groups for marginalised, invisibilised women in North America, Australia, the UK, and Europe, women in poor/impoverished areas.

I link to many such groups on my blog, but I know I am not aware of most of what women are doing globally. Please make yourselves visible, known, and supported in ways you wish to see. Too many groups are ignored. The work you do is too important to not be recognised!


Julia said...

I recommend KMG Ethiopia. They do work campaigning against FGM and other women's rights projects:

Julian Real said...

Thank you, Julia.

Here's their website, as a link:

For other readers: from their website:

KMG Ethiopia is an indigenous resident charity civil society organization founded by Bogaletch and Fikirte Gebre, sisters who grew up in rural Ethiopia, where gender-based violence, including FGM, was endemic. Over the centuries, our ancient peoples have developed many positive local traditions, including a basic principle we call self-help, or gezzima. But, harmful traditional customs have been handed down as a result of misconceptions. At KMG, we are building on our positive traditions like gezzima to eliminate those that harm our people, especially our women and girls.