Saturday, November 20, 2010

All The Queers are White Male Supremacist; All The Gender-Non-Conforming People are MTF Transsexuals, and Most of Us are Neither: Honoring Two Spirit, Genderqueer, Intersex, Asexual, Radical Feminist Activism

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From what I can tell, the term "gay-friendly" in many social spaces means this, basically: non-queer spaces and people willing to tolerate a few variations on a white heteromale supremacist ideology and practice of living socially and sexually.

My experience is that if someone is an activist working to end hetero-male supremacy, white-male supremacy, and any and every other form of male supremacy, the often-condescending "tolerance" goes down and the animosity goes up. The level of "inclusivity" goes away. "Tolerance" gets mighty intolerant. "Acceptance of difference" is no longer acceptable.

I am arguing that as long as WHM supremacy and other CRAP is dominant and oppressive, radical activism to challenge every manifestation of WHM supremacy and other CRAP will not be tolerated by the allegedly tolerant neoliberals and activist bigots among the neoconservatives.

I am positing this as a theory: dominant society will figure out ways to respect and regard a few of us who are willing to declare ourselves actively or passively, explicitly or implicitly, overtly or covertly politically supportive of (or at least not actively against) any or all of the following clusters of social-political experience:

immigration, region/hemisphere privilege, home stability, homelessness, terrorism inside and outside of one's home and region;

pimping, procuring, pornography, trafficking, sexual slavery, purchasing or renting human beings;

white-dominated forms of population control; force government interventions into the rights of women to regulate and control their own bodies; medical interventions into the rights of people to be free of undesired,

unwanted, unwelcomed, anti-holistic, inhumane surgeries, medical therapies, and unneeded or misused pharmacology;

corporate religion; anti-Muslim xenophobia; anti-Arab racism; anti-Semitism;

patriarchal warfare; militarism; imperialism; colonialism; globalisation; poverty; famine; lack of access to clean water; corporate pollution; capitalism; corporate welfare; corporate corruption; so-called "First" (read: Worst or Last) World terrorism of the Second, Third, and Fourth Worlds; wage slavery (each of these being bound to the other);

rape, sexual coercion, compulsory heterosexism, incest, "adults having sex with children", child sexual abuse, child sexual neglect;

battery, bullying, and behaving in domineering and oppressively controlling ways;

trafficking, sexual exploitation, pornography; 

genocide; racism; ecocide;

ableism; ageism;

speciesism (the belief that humans ought to hold dominion over and are more Divine than non-human animals and other Life); the commercial meat and dairy industry; speciesism; anti-organic commercial agribusiness; corporate pesticide production and sales; soil erosion and destruction; corporate ownership of seeds and other natural living things and processes;

two-party [un]democratic election and voting systems; corporate owned media; corporate advertising and marketing; commodification of everything;

the production and maintenance of cities, civilisation, and unsustainable living-on-Earth;

the promotion of CRAP's gender-as-difference at the expense of focusing on CRAP's gender-as-hierarchy; CRAPpy gender transgression over radical feminist activism against CRAPpy gender oppression;

academic and other educational promotion of elitism, abstraction, confusion, intellectual inaccessibility, and apolitical (while deeply political) nonsense.

If we center Two Spirit experience, Indigenist activism, radical lesbian feminist experience and activism, radical anti-CRAP genderqueer experience and activism, asexual experience, intergender and intersex experience over the narrowest NeoConservative or NeoLiberal understandings of "gay", "bisexual", and "transgender" experience and politics, and if we put aside the most liberal understandings of "queerness", what happens to "LGBT" political projects as they are currently manifesting socially?

I'm advocating for this centralisation of marginalised and oppressed political movements and social experiences to occur. I'm hoping that those of like mind, heart, and spirit will join in on this radically spiritually, politically transformative project to heal the Earth by getting WHM supremacy and other CRAP off Gaia's back.

I am advocating for a holistic, intersectional, sustainable Two Spirit, anti-racist, and radical lesbian feminist movement that is explicitly, centrally, overtly inclusive of asexuals, intersex people, intergender, genderqueer, same-gender loving, gender-non-conforming people. I'm advocating for a movement that welcomes rather than refuses self-questioning, self-critique, self-interrogation, interpersonal, social, and structural, systematic resistance and activism to compost WHM supremacy and other CRAP completely. The world needs healthy soil, not toxic CRAP.

I am advocating for constructive, not destructive, conversation and coalition building across many political differences, some of which require understanding where and when "difference" is "dominance". I am inviting people to come here and come out and discuss the many issues that divide us from one another which keep WHM supremacy in charge of all of our lives, and prevent CRAP from decomposing.

No name-calling. No insults to our humanity. Respect, regard, listening, hearing, interrogation, critique, and challenging is welcome.

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