Saturday, October 9, 2010

On October 9th, is there any other song I could post? This blog is all about "Real Love"!

I am wishing everyone love in their life. Every person on Earth. (Including white heterosexual men!) And peace. And joy. And if you have it or find it, please share that love, joy, and peace with others who need it in ways that respect them and validate their and your own humanity.


Anonymous said...

I was reading through your glossary of abbreviated humanity that you clearly took great glee in inventing & compiling ( "out of neccesity" no doubt ) & came to the conclusion that John Lennon fits most, if not all, of your hate terms extended to men. Of course, I'm refering to Lennon the person, rather than Lennon the white heterosexual male controlled media myth.

Julian Real said...

Hi dom,

In his actual life, John Lennon was someone who admitted he was a batterer and figured out how to embrace equality in intimate relationships and give up being violent. He grew up in a white town and dealt with his own racism and the racism of all those who despised his second wife. He admitted being a cheater on his first wife in the song Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) and was open in discussing his own struggles with being a homophobe. He wrote lots of music about loving women in reality, about his own jealousy, about his limitations and vulnerabilities. He learned to challenge his own misogyny and called himself a feminist.

I'd say he was quite a role model for WHM. And you? Do you have any better WHM to offer up as role models for other white het men?