Friday, September 24, 2010

Portland is "Pornland" and Strip Club-City and that requires Pimps Sexually Buying, Renting, and Trafficking Girls: A True Story of Prostitution and Pimping from Nightline

image above, from here, is part of another ABC news program, Primetime

Please keep in mind what you are about to see is a story that doesn't include the most poor and most marginalised girls and women globally or even in North America who are lured or captured by pimps and slavers. The story you're about to watch is "the nicer end" of the spectrum of how pimps and slavers operate. It's the end that pro-pimp, pro-procurement activists and advocates claim is liberating for women and ought to be legally considered "free speech" or a "civil liberty". Just one question: Speech and liberty for which groups of oppressed people?
The following true story of the purchase and pimping of girls for men is brought to you tonight, in part, by Craigslist whose business motto ought to be: Promoting and Profiting from the Sex Trafficking of Girls for Men Was a Third of Our Business Revenues--until we were "censored". (Note: They were never censored. Anti-sex/pro-sexxxism pornographers, procurers, and slavers love to throw that term around as if they've ever been made to shut up and as if they aren't in the business of silencing women and girls by any means necessary.)

All that follows is from *here*. A video follows just after the title and date below. Click on the center of the image to start it.

In Search of Love: Teens Lured Into Sex Trade

Police Say Portland, Ore., is a Hub for Child Sex Trafficking


Chris O. said...

I'm so glad to see someone address the sex trade in Portland. I love my city, but far too often do people see it as a sort of indie hub rather than the sleazy, sex-infused place that it really is. Portland has been a place of slavery and oppression since its beginnings as a "Shanghai" center, where people were drugged and forced to become sailors on Pacific bound ships. Sadly, today it is no different. Every year we celebrate the Rose Parade, and god knows how many underaged girls are smuggled in to accommodate the Navy sailors who come for the celebration. A woman in my life who I know basically as a second mother has been working with abused women for years, and when she tells me these stories they are almost unbelievable. I grew up on 82nd and have seen firsthand how women are treated in that area. Portland also has a large homeless population for pimps to tap into. The sex trade in this city is filthy, yet in the mainstream it is seen as a "hip" form of entertainment. Strip clubs here cater to the alternative crowds and boast of fire breathing strippers and acrobatics. Stripping is seen as skillful act of will rather than an occupation that has been thrust upon someone directly or indirectly. If all clubs were that way, I don't even know if I would have a problem with it, but the fact is they aren't. It is all so fucking gross, and no one really seems to care about it. I love Portland and would not want to live anywhere else, but how can a city that claims to be a place of free expression tolerate such blatant oppression?

Julian Real said...

Indeed, Chris.

How the hell can anyone assume free speech flourishes in a place that trafficks in human beings so "freely"? To "get it" one might have to come to terms with the fact that smuggled, raped, enslaved girls are exactly as human, deserving of exactly the same regard and respect socially, as procuring sailors and other men.