Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Young White Het Guy (yes, yet another WHM) on Facebook Thinks Pro-Rape "Humor" Should Just Be Ignored

Hilarious, isn't it. (No.) It's from here

This post concerns some Facebook pages that fly in the face of their professed values, rules, and regulations, but remain up because the targets of the "humor" are not Western white het men. Say what you want about people of color, women, and gay and lesbian people on Facebook. But don't dis the white het men or you might get your page yanked, with no explanation or warning.
Welcome to the unethical world of Facebook, folks, where being an anti-rape activist can get you thrown off Facebook, but promoting rape: that's cool.
Specifically, we have a page, and more than one, that pokes fun at rape. A feminist has organised an action on Facebook and I'm promoting the action here, and am showing what sorts of stupid things white dudes say to protect their right to make men's rape of women (and men, and transgender people) a topic of humor, not activist objection.


Facebook: why are rape pages still up?

August 15 at 12:00am - August 22 at 12:00am

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Shadoe Sundown Price I'm sorry, but while you may be offended by the dark humor there is a better way to not see it- DON'T GO ON THE PAGE. Simple as that. Get over it, everyone.

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    • Rita D'Alvarez Turn away and mind our own business, eh? After all it's someone else's suffering, not yours?

      11 hours ago · 
    • April Rosendahl Ignoring an issue is in effect accepting~ Should we just ignore a person getting attacked on the streets? Afterall, its NONE OF MY BUSINESS and why should I CARE~ WOW Insensitive and ignorant a great combination~

      9 hours ago · 

    • Shadoe Sundown Price If you're actually confusing the real act of rape with a joke page, you are the one who is ignorant and insensitive. So should every joke that you don't find funny or appropriate be erased from the internet? How about I add smug and condescending to the list as well.
      8 hours ago ·
    • Chris Steyn what the hell is humorous about rape...have u ever treated a rape victim...and no there i s NO way that a NORMAL person would find anything funny about rape...

      8 hours ago ·

    • Shadoe Sundown Price There are plenty of normal functioning people who enjoy dark humor. I'm not the one trying to place a joke on the same level as the true, physical act of rape. All I'm saying is that it is beyond smug to say that because another person's sense of humor doesn't line up with yours that 1) they aren't normal, and 2) that they are promoting violence toward women. That is absurd.
      8 hours ago ·

    • Julian Real
      Promoting rape as "surprise sex" isn't primarily an act of humor. It's an act of hostility, aggression, and misogyny. And as we live in a rape culture where men find just about everything to do with rape hilarious, I don't see how qualifyin...g it as "humor" means it isn't harmful and ought not be opposed by humane people. Racist humor is a laugh- riot to white supremacists and racist liberals, and shall we just "not visit" the pages where whites call for Black men to be hanged, and Mexican migrant workers to be sent home, and Black, Brown, and Indigenous women being called "hos"? And, plenty of normal men rape. In fact, most of the rapists are normal men. So where does that analysis get us?
      8 hours ago ·
    • Yasmin Rebelle People can be hurt both physically and verbally. Verbal scars usually are longer lasting and sometimes life long. What you think is a joke is very hurtful to women in general and specifically survivors of sexual assault. Dark humour can be used constructively and all types of jokes or words can do just the opposite. It is not about being offended; it is about the fact that 1 in 3 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime and this rape culture is one of the major factors in that.

      8 hours ago ·

    • Jane Ensell Shadoe, if you're not a rape victim yourself, you probably don't understand how awful these pages make people feel. The existence of the pages encourages more and more people to laugh at the suffering and debasement of survivors of a violent act. Why is this acceptable to you?
      6 hours ago · 
    • P. W.

      I am a victim of what he called "suprise sex" and it is NOT A JOKE. You take responsibility for your words. You tell me shadoe, what do you say to a woman who is a victim? You ought to explain why you think its ok for this sick "humor" to b...e tolerated by victims of rape. But then again, you are obviously not a victim or you wouldnt be so nonchalant about something that causes women around the world to commit suicide because they have been so violated their minds cannot take the soul shattering nature of the crime. And to all the women and men on here who wont stand for this, thank you. Your actions are heartwarming.Thank you so much , its wonderful to know that in this culture, there is still people who wont take jokes like these.
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Patti said...

I wonder if Shadoe Sundown Price would appreciate the dark humour of, say, a depiction of a female shooting/burning a male in his sleep, accompanied by the amusing and playful caption:

It's not murder...
.... it's swift justice!!

Julian Real said...

Haven't you heard, Patti?

There's NOTHING FUNNY about women hurting men, in any way, shape or form. Even their feelings. Why, men beat the shit out of women for "hurting men's feelings".

Talk about a disgusting double standard.

Patti said...

I hang my head in shame, Julian. You are right, there's NOTHING FUNNY about women hurting men... the men who are guilty of nothing other than having LOVED and PROTECTED women since time immemorial.

Wait......aren't these the same men who beat and bash other men who are guilty of nothing other than loving men?

Not only is it a disgusting double standard, but also quite a conundrum, considering how logical and rational these particular men pride themselves on being.

Julian Real said...

It's a wonder, really, that these guys think themselves intelligent at all. And "witty"!

And, speaking of double standards and such, that they NEVER get Andrea Dworkin's humor, and think she hates men when she loves men's humanity (where and when it shows up), is kind of... well, just more to scratch one's head over.


It's called white male supremacy because WHM claims as truth that anything WHM do is 'funny/ironic' but anything women do to prevent WHM from committing violence against them is what? Why it is female violence against men of course.

I am interpreting violence which includes males such as Shadoe Sundown Price who views rape as 'humour' - but of course said 'rape' is only humorous when it is a WHM who enacts his pseudo WHM rights against women by raping them. That is why so much male violence against women is not violence but just WHM's rights and (pseudo entitlements).

Julian Real said...

Thank you, Jennifer.

I only wish more WHMs would wake up about this and call each other out on it.

Bess Hungerford said...


We are spamming that page with a vengence! I am off to share this blog post with the losers who frequent this page. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT, profeminist brother!

Julian Real said...

Hi Bess,

I sure hope the effort works to get them off FB.