Monday, August 23, 2010

Malalai Joya with Matthis Chiroux: A message to all White U.S. Men: This is good example of how to be a humane white man

I find such videos as the one above, from *here*, deeply moving because of the emotional honesty and lack of defensiveness on the part of people in the oppressor classes. As can be noted here, and this is overwhelmingly the case across class, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, and region, the oppressed do not hate the oppressor: they/we want the oppressor to stop being oppressive. Why so many Westerners, whites, and men can't get this simple point, is well, perplexing and frustrating.

To anyone out there who still thinks I hate men because I show actively misogynistic men little to no regard or respect, let me tell you: show women respect and regard and I'll love you dearly. I love Matthis, for example. And so many other men, of many colors, like him, who get how easy it is to be patriarchally oppressive to women, in so many ways, and who figure out how to stop doing it. Malik Diamond, Katlego Matsila, Chris Osborn, Michael Flood. I know many good, decent, humane men who do not seek to or desire to oppress women. To all other men: please join them, in part by watching the expression of humanity in that video.

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