Friday, August 20, 2010

Amjid Jamal's Statement from the World Food Programme, on how you can assist in Disaster Relief in Pakistan

image from Pakistan flood zone is from here

From the World Food Programme. Links below.

"The water came at night. We left everything and ran to save our lives," Shabbir Ahmed, a father of nine, told me. "It’s more than two weeks now, we have nothing to eat, no shelter. Our kids are asking when we will go home, and we don’t have an answer."

As I travel with helicopters delivering relief rations to flooded villages, I hear the same story again and again. And my heart fills with deep sorrow seeing the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in ruin.

We’re using trucks, helicopters, and even mules to reach those cut off from any other help. Already, we’ve been able to bring food and hope to one million people.

But we’re facing a huge funding shortfall. If we don’t receive more food and cash urgently, millions of people will face extreme hunger.

For every $10 you give, you can feed 9 people – please make an emergency donation today that will save more lives.


Widespread monsoon rains are playing havoc all over the country. More than 15 million people have been devastated by what the government says are the worst floods in Pakistan's history. And the number of people in need continues to grow.

"At least someone came to give us food, giving us hope that we can now survive for a few weeks," says Shabbir, who received emergency food assistance from WFP.

You can ensure more families receive the food they desperately need. We urgently need your support to reach the hardest-hit areas, where there are hungry people who have not received any help so far.

Your emergency donation today will immediately help save the lives of hungry families. Please give right now.

We’re facing a huge challenge, with at least six million people in need of food, and the future is unpredictable. More monsoon rains and floods will worsen roads already badly damaged and impassable.... I’ve seen bridge after bridge washed away. I still wake up in the morning finding it hard to believe a catastrophe of this scale has happened.

There is so much to do and so little time. Please help.

Thank you,


Amjad Jamal
Pakistan Spokesman
World Food Programme


The World Food Programme (WFP) fights hunger worldwide, saving lives during emergencies while building a better future for the next generation. WFP is funded solely by voluntary donations.

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