Friday, July 16, 2010

Philosophies of the P.P.P.: and the Problem of Experts

There may be a few seconds of extra stuff here at the beginning. Please pay attention to the woman performing.

From the A.R.P. Glossary:

P.P.P. or PPP: the Patriarchal Palian Paradigm. The pro-gynocidal, anti-Indigenist, white supremacist dominant culture and cult of war-worship (warship) and rape-rule wherein palien science or religion, not activist Indigenous women and other women of color, have "the answers" to social-political problems.

*          *          *

The one's who are allowed to propose and pretend to implement solutions to our problems are called "experts". Check what Laurie Anderson is saying, people. She's allowed to say it because she's a performance artist, not the leader of an organised social activist movement. If she were both the former and the latter, she wouldn't be allowed on commercial television.

The self-proclaimed experts--when regarded as such by white het men in large measure because they are white het men, are the people who we need to take the microphone away from, while booing the mutherfuckers off the damn stage. Tomatoes may be hurled if they don't get the hint their show-time is up. Western white heterosexual men have had their fifteen centuries of fame, have fucked everything up and it's time we stopped listening to them. Seriously.

There's communism, white men's leftist radicalism, socialism, progressivism, humanism, modernism, post-modernism, libertarianism, neo-liberalism, global and regional capitalism and militarism, neo-conservatism, and fascism. All of them serve WHM supremacy, especially white het men with class-privilege. Some makes claims that, with them, freedom for women from patriarchal men and systems can be achieved, or freedom for people of color from white domination and white supremacy, or freedom for those of us who are living according to the dominant gender hierarchy's mandates and practices, who reject heterosexism as unnatural and inhumane, for those of us seeking liberation from the tyranny of the Global North, the West, and for those in the Fourth World seeking liberation from the anti-Indigenist First Last World.

Why it is that anyone other than WHM value these philosophies is often because they aren't identified as being racist, misogynist, heterosexist, and/or anti-Indigenist and ecocidal. Not a one of 'em have any plan or means of attaining liberation of the oppressed (humans, non-human animals, and non-animal life) from WHM supremacy, from the P.P.P.

It thrives on us not knowing how it works, even while it works on us every day. It's supposed to be like water to a fish--never seen from the outside, analysed while we are not dependent on it. The dependency is the important part, along with the destruction, desperation, and degradation of Life into a Cult of Death-worship.

Ask yourself: Can a white het man in the West be determined by a government to be a hero without having killed at least one person of color? Can a man be considered "a real man" if he thinks rape is an atrocious, heinous form of political terrorism that men must end, that men ought not have access to pornography or pimped women, and that men who beat women are both cowardly and sadistic and deserve to be killed, legally, by anyone they beat up and terrorise? Can white het men be considered terrorists, as a group, the way most other groups can be considered delusional and dangerous by organised groups of white het men, such as MRAs and neo-Nazis?

Will you concede that no white het man is qualified to lead anyone anywhere, except into intensifying concentric circles of hell-on-Earth?

Can you look to women of all colors, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to lead us out of our investments in death-culture and into the possibility of generations of sustainable, sustaining Life on Earth?

Stop looking to The Man who beats you down to save you. It's not his job. If he's made it his job, fire him.

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