Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everyday Male Chauvinism: Intimate Partner Violence Which Is Not Called Violence, by Luis Bonino and Péter Szil

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Before this document disappears online, I am putting it here, with the hopes that the authors will welcome me doing so. -- Julian Real

21 Julu 2010 ECD UPDATE: I did not get permission to publish the document here. So I have put in a link to where the authors and publisher would like you to go to read it, in full.

Everyday Male Chauvinism
Intimate Partner Violence Which Is Not Called Violence

by Luis Bonino and Péter Szil
with contribution from Gábor Kuszing

is available to be viewed as a PDF document in the form and format in which it was originally published at this website:

I encourage you to click on that link, download or open the file, and read it thoroughly. And please note Jennifer Drew's comment about the text below.

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Thank you for publishing this invaluable and detailed analysis of the myriad ways men claim their pseudo rights over women. This book should be used in conjunction with teaching girl and boy students what precisely is male violence against women.

However, nothing, nothing will change the innumerable male supremacists because they are always right and women are always men's sexual slaves/servants. This is supposedly natural and hence cannot be changed.

But Everyday Male Chauvinism exists and I've experienced it within my family - wherein my father enacted psychological violence in order to maintain his pseudo male power and rights. I've also seen it enacted by numerous men and boys because hey - they are the rational and logical ones are they not, whereas women and girls exist just to serve males.

Oh and check out the website because it has some awesome debunking of men's claims!