Friday, June 11, 2010

What do you think of the new look???

 [image of question marks in different fonts is from here]

I welcome feedback on this new template I'm using. My goal is for the blog's appearance and layout to be clearer, easier to read, gentler on the eyes, and overall more welcoming.

Let me know if this design does any or all of that, or other things that you do or don't like! I've jokingly tagged this post with "whiteness" and "When White isn't Right" because the old format was beginning to seem a little too white to me--not enough color. There's enough of that aesthetic in the my world already!! ;)

I've also added to the "About Me" blurb on the right side, somewhere down there.

Love to all of my allies and friends in the thick of the struggle, including all the regular commenters and all the sporadic commenters, and those who regularly visit in support but don't post comments at all. Thanks for staying with me through this part of the bumpy ride called actively resisting and challenging oppressive power. Please wear seatbelts and helmets for extra safety. But don't let those helmets mess up your hair!

Julian xoxoxoxo [kisses and hugs]


Clarissa said...

I really like the new layout. It is true that the whiteness was getting to be a little too daunting, especially since your posts are often fairly long (which is a good thing in itself) and it was a strain for the eyes to read them against the former background.

Julian Real said...

Whew! Thanks, Clarissa. I was hoping for exactly that sort of reply. Glad it makes the reading of my looooong posts easier!! :)

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Julian Real said...

Hi joven,

Thanks for the link. Do you create games?

I look forward to seeing the market filled with games that don't turn women into sexxx-objects, with unrealistic bodies, thin limbs, large breasts: a type of body that few people have naturally, and that are achieved usually with dangerous dieting and misogynistic surgery. I hope you can help make that change in images of women happen if you are involved in creating gaming images and characters.

How about small-breasted muscular women with short hair who do not show off their body parts and are not in skin-tight outfits that are drawn to show off women's breasts and buttocks for some men who want to think of women as only existing "for heterosexual men's pleasure"?

Are there such alternative non-sexist images of women in the video/online gaming world?

Julian Real said...

With thanks to a web-savvy activist, I want to make it explicitly clear that "joven" is a bot, not a human. And if he is, in fact, not a bot, he can alert me to that fact here.

But I don't want to mislead anyone who is curious about who joven is, because he isn't a who, he's a what.

I'm keeping the bot's message (spam) up as well as my reply, for the issues raised, not to support, in any way, what this bot is marketing.