Saturday, June 5, 2010

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: How To Support Women Fighting Their Abusers for Custody in Australia

This information comes to me directly from a woman of color in Australia fighting to get her daughter away from her batterer, who is also the abuser of her daughter. For a similar story that is published and is not hers, please see this:

The Australian government has extended the submission period to ALRC which is the Australian Law Reform Commission. Anyone, feminist or profeminist, who wishes to send something across from anywhere in the world to support protecting children and women from men's violence--domination, abuse, control, violation, manipulation, and terrorism--is going to be very helpful, in terms of adding to our numbers a growing number of arguments for a change in the laws here, which hopefully will set the precedent for the USA to change laws too.
Any contributors are welcome who know of all our sufferings, struggles, and victimisation of women and children, from the male perpetrators of abuse and the sexist and racist systems that currently exist which allow it. Varied opinions of violence and abuse of women, historical perspectives, changing culture and role of women, and the paramount consideration for supporting uninterrupted maternal care of children during development and growth, nurturing and so on--all this is welcome. I am hoping a lot of your mates will contribute to why the family laws should consider safety and protection of children above all else.

If anyone wants to they can also state explicit support of pro-woman submissions to NPBSPPC (National Peak Body for Safety and Protection of Parents and Children).

Word documents can be sent to
The more written support, the better our chances of succeeding in changing laws for the better, to make life more humane for women and their children.

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