Thursday, June 3, 2010

To All My Aussie Friends: HELP Needed to Assist a Battered Woman Trying to Regain Custody of her Battered Child, from the Abuser-Father

[image is from here]

6 June UPDATE:
Here is a similar story, not hers, but one that has been published which raises similar issues of atrocity and lack of justice for women and children of men who are terrorists in their homes:

Could anyone in Australia, or anyone who is very familiar with resources for women in Australia, please post here the names and contact information for ANY and ALL Feminist and Women's Organisations, Groups, Support and Legal Resources for Women dealing with custody, immigration, domestic violence, and racism and misogyny in the white male supremacist court system.

A white Australian man who is a batterer/abuser of a woman and child has custody of the battered woman of color's child, "their" child. She is working to get this child safely out of his custody, into hers. She is safely away from him, but the courts, so far, have placed the abused girl in his control.

THANK YOU. The sooner you can get this to me, the sooner I can get the information to her. Any information would be GREATLY appreciated.


SustainableFamilies said...

Tell her to call these people:

They do a lot of advocacy for the aboriginal people ho were stolen for adoption by white people.

Julian Real said...

Thank you, Sustainable Families!

I'll surely pass this along.

With love, Julian