Saturday, June 26, 2010

Listening to Harsha Walia, Multi-Issue Activist, at the G20 Fence in Toronto, challenging the illegal borders and policies

Source: At the G20 Fence: Harsha Walia, No One is Illegal Vancouver

Harsha Walia is an activist, writer, researcher and facilitator who is formally trained in the law. She has been active in a variety of voluntary social justice issues over the past decade including feminist, anti racist, migrant justice, Palestine solidarity, Indigenous self-determination, anti capitalist, anti poverty, and South Asian diasporic movements. Her writings include commentaries as well as legal and policy analysis. [source: here]

Information from YouTube, under the video:

In the days leading up to the G8/G20 Summits, activists and community organizers have been co-ordinating events and actions around Themed Days of Resistance, which highlight different issues each day, as a build-up to the Days of Action that are scheduled for June 25-27.

The theme for June 24 was Indigenous Sovereignty and the streets of Toronto saw a First Nations led march of over 1500 people.

Later in the day a press conference was held, and members of Defenders of the Land and No One is Illegal (two groups involved in the march) spoke to reporters in front of the three kilometre, $5.5 million security fence that has encircled the area around the summit site in downtown Toronto.

In this video, Harsha Walia, of No One is Illegal Vancouver, addresses the media.

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