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A.R.P. Stands in Solidarity with Aida Quilcué, MADRE, and feminist women of color globally

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I live in a beautiful, amazing country with a horribly violent government and callous corporate policies. Both Uncle Sam and Ronald McDonald pretend that they are doing the world a big favor, pretending they are very, very good to the global community they imagine they benefit with services and products that are presumed to be needed. I needn't pick on McDonalds, although their products are contributing mightily to cardiovascular disease. Less obvious a factor in making sure women of color die of cardiovascular disease are all the many white and het male supremacist institutions that add levels of stress to the lives of women of color. All the policies, practices, and products that function to exponentially increase the stress in human lives that are surely not intended to carry that much stress, hence the death rates among various populations of women of color of cardiovascular and other stress-related illness. And, men kill women directly.

What has been especially disturbing to learn is how white men from my country have had a hand in the violence done to women all over the world. I break with those men, politically, and stand with the women of color the world over who are fighting their region's male dominance and global white male supremacy.

My life has changed in the last five years especially, from one where whites and men had been a focus of friendships and social activities to one where strong alliances and friendships with women of color, and some men of color, have blossomed in the last five years. Only a few long-time white female friends and newer white feminist colleagues remain in my life. I have grown increasingly disgusted and intolerant of white male liberalism and humanism and those who espouse these philosophies and the political practices that flow from them. There may well be worse political philosophies, such as white conservatism and fascism. But at least those don't pretend to give a shit about women of color.

I've never put the lives of men before the lives of women in my life, although when involved with men, my days were spent figuring out how to be in romantic relationship to them. It has largely been a waste of my time and energy.

I was feminist-identified by the age of seventeen. Hence no successful romantic relationships with men! lol

Before blogging, I was unfamiliar with many women of color around the world, Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous, who are made to endure conditions I have never in my life experienced.

Here is one story with an update, among the millions of others that my country's mass media won't tell me anything about because it is too busy telling me about allegedly great white men who keep fucking things up.

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MADRE Stands in Solidarity with Indigenous human rights defender Aida Quilcué

Posted on: Tuesday, June 15, 2010
On December 16, 2008, Edwin Legarda, the husband of Indigenous human rights defender Aida Quilcué, was killed by Colombian army personnel when they fired 17 shots into the vehicle he was driving. Aida Quilcué had recently returned from Geneva, where she testified before the United Nations Human Rights Council concerning violence against Indigenous Peoples in Colombia. Many speculate that the attack was meant for her.

MADRE condemned this assassination after it happened and we now recognize the guilty verdict that was issued late last week against six of the seven Colombian soldiers accused of Legarda's murder. We stand in solidarity with Aida Quilcué, who continued to face death threats and personal attacks throughout the duration of the trial. Despite these obstacles, she remains a leader in the Indigenous community, and MADRE is proud to be able to support her work.

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