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Audio, Video, Photos, and Notes from the 4th Annual Critical Race Studies Symposium on the Intersection of Various Forms of Oppression and Resistance

On the 21th anniversary of Kimberlé Crenshaw's discussion of intersectionality theory, and the 20th anniversary of its popularisation due to the radically feminist work of Patricia Hill Collins, we have this excellent promotion of their political ideas and social analysis.


4th Annual CRS Symposium

We want to thank you for the overwhelming response to this event.  There are more than 400 registered participants, including more than 250 concurrent session panelists.  We are eager for robust engagement and a lively exchange of ideas. 

We have established a multimedia page that will allow you to follow the proceedings of this symposium online.  The symposium multimedia page will feature audio from the concurrent workshops and notes about all the sessions will be posted on the same day of the event.  After the symposium, we will post video recordings of the plenary sessions.

We have also uploaded some photos from the symposium.

Thank you,
CRS Symposium Planning Committee


 Since the publication of Kimberlé Crenshaw's formative articles - Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race & Sex (1989), and Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics & Violence Against Women of Color (1994) - the concept of intersectionality has traversed more than a dozen academic disciplines and transnational and popular political discourse, generated multiple conferences, monographs, and anthologies, and animated hundreds of articles and essays. In the twenty years since Crenshaw introduced intersectionality, critiques of identity politics and multiculturalism and, more recently, claims of a "post-racial" era have blossomed. In 2010, we will re-visit the origins of intersectionality as a theoretical frame and site of legal interventions and consider its still unfolding potential for unmasking subordination and provoking social change.

What's next is from this website:

Notes and Video

A collection of notes from proceedings at the 4th Annual CRS Symposium

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ayanna London, Russell Robinson, Saul Sarabia, Kaimi Wenger

Mimi Kim,Soniya Munshi,Lee Ann Wang
Moderator: Mark Sawyer
Jessica Franklin, Ramola Ramtohul, Andrea Simpson
Mimi Kim, Katherine Ojeda Stewart, Clarisse Rojas, Andrea Smith
Moderator: Christine Littleton, UCLA Women's Studies & Law
Anna Carastathis, California State University Los Angeles, Philosophy
Barbara Tomlinson, UC Santa Barbara, Feminist Studies
Noah Zatz, UCLA School of Law
Moderator: Beth Ribet, Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University & UCLA Center for the Study of Women
Elizabeth Cole, University of Michigan, Psychology
Priscilla Ocen, Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area
Ange-Marie Hancock, University of Southern California, Political Science
Moderator: Cheryl Harris, UCLA School of Law
Mari Matsuda, Georgetown University School of Law
Catharine MacKinnon, University of Michigan Law School
Luke Harris, Vassar College, Political Science
Sumi Cho, DePaul University College of Law

Friday, March 12, 2010

Christine Zuni Cruz, Sarah Deer, Angela Riley, Rebecca Tsosie

Kareem Crayton, Camille Gear Rich, and Terry Smith

Kevin Escudero, Heather Marsh, Deleso Alford Washington, Nancy Wadsworth

Jennifer Nash, Ange-Marie Hancock, Elizabeth Houh, Caroline Hotaling

Moderator: Carole Goldberg, UCLA School of Law
Sarah Deer, William Mitchell College of Law
Tanya Hernandez, Fordham University School of Law
Lenora Lapidus, ACLU Women's Rights Project
Beth Richie, University of Illinois at Chicago, Criminal Justice & AA Studies
Mieke Verloo, Institute for Gender Studies, The Netherlands

Moderator: Sumi Cho
Tugce Kurtis, Lolita Inniss, Laura Foster

Andrea Smith, Sora Han, and Denise DaSilva

Moderator: George Lipsitz
Felice Blake, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Paul Ioanide

Kia Caldwell, Elizabeth Cole, Jessica Holden

Moderator: Ariela Gross
Andre Smith, Dorothy Brown, Stephanie Santos

Moderator: Walter Allen
Brandy Jensen, Lisa McLeod, Rican Vue, Siduri Haslerig, Dawn Davis
Moderator: Grace Hong
Loretta Ross, Olga Lazin, Kendra Brewster

Moderator: Addie Rolnick
Fatima Abbas, Karla General, Ernesto Hernandez-Lopez, Nicholas Espiritu

Larry Ortiz, Susan Nakaoka

Moderator: Russel Robinson, UCLA School of Law
Phillip Atiba-Goff, UCLA Department of Psychology
Angela P. Harris, UC Berkeley, Boalt School of Law
Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Spelman College, Women's Research and Resource Center
Nagwa Ibrahim, Los Angeles Muslim Bar Association
Tricia Rose, Brown University, Africana Studies 

  • Lost in Translation: A Conversation About the Challenges of Advancing Critical Theory
  • Notes      Moderator: Devon Carbado, UCLA School of Law      Cheryl Harris, UCLA School of Law      Kimberle Crenshaw, UCLA School of Law      Patrica Williams, Columbia Law School      Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Syracuse University Women's & Gender Studies

Moderator: Lenora Lapidus
Vek Lewis, Jacqueline Dan, Elizabeth Philipose

Moderator: Dean Spade
Julie Greenberg, Saru Matambanadzo, Erin Ranft, Marcia Dawkins, Sheri Faulkner

Moderator: Chandra Talpade Mohanty
Lili Nguyen, Alexandra Oprea, Rosaura Sanchez

Camille Nelson, Gowri Ramachandran, Darren Rosenblum, Adrien Wing

Moderator: Vickie M. Mays, UCLA, Psychology and Health Services
Leslie McCall, Northwestern University, Department of Sociology
Charles Mills, Northwestern University, Department of Philosophy
Dean Spade, Seattle University School of Law
Francisco Valdes, University of Miami School of Law

Adrienne Davis, Darren Rosenblum, Dean Spade, Seval Yildirim

Barbara Tomlinson, Rosa-Linda Fregoso, Claire Kim

Eunice Cho, Kathleen Kim, Stephen Lee, Hiroshi Motomura

Moderator: Angela Harris
Mecca Sullivan, S.E. Houchins, Heather Rakes, Ernesto Velasquez

Moderator: Patricia Williams
Bela August Walker, Nancy Wadsworth, Jason Wu, Eli Vitulli

Moderator: Eudine Barriteau
Paul Amar, Penka Skachkova, Laila Faulk

Moderator: Jerry Kang, UCLA School of Law
Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Princeton University, Politics & African American Studies
George Lipsitz, UC Santa Barbara, History & Black Studies
Dorothy Roberts, Northwestern University Law School
Alvin Starks, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Miguel Unzueta, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Finally, this website has some photos from the Symposium:

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