Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cynthia McKinney to speak out in Calgary, in support of Splitting the Sky's case vs. GWBush and Company

[photograph of Cynthia McKinney is from here]

Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge and
The Consortium for Peace Studies at the University of Calgary are Proud to Host
Cynthia McKinney
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Ms. McKinney served a constituency in Georgia for several terms in the US Congress. She was the Green Party’s candidate in the most recent US presidential election.  Currently she is the only juror from the United States on the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

Ms. McKinney has been invited to Calgary to serve as a witness in a trial beginning on March 8. The trial emanates from the Crown’s criminal charge against Mohawk activist, Splitting The Sky, for obstruction of justice in his attempt to conduct a citizen’s arrest of the former US president, George W. Bush. Credibly-accused war criminal George Bush addressed a business audience at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary. Ms. McKinney will comment on the case some have dubbed
Splitting The Sky versus George W. Bush
Ms. McKinney will help introduce and contribute to a people’s juridical process aimed at articulating a new legal protocol to be known as

The Calgary Principles
In the tradition of the Nuremberg Principles, the Calgary Principles will address the rampant criminality that tends to immunize from criminal prosecutions those who commit the highest order of international crime. Among those who will also contribute to the proceedings will be Splitting The Sky and Anthony J. Hall, Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge.

At the University of Calgary, Professional Faculties Building, Room 4259, 7:30 pm

Media Contact: Jason Devine,

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