Monday, February 1, 2010

Mormonism and White Male Supremacy: The Inside Story

I feel about "Mormonism" the way I feel about "BDSM": both represent larger more egregiously institutionalised problems: Mormonism is often scapegoated as THE problem form of white Christianity; BDSM is often cited as THE problem form of heteropatriarchal sexual practice.

I don't see either as THE problem, but nor do I see either as in any way innocent or beyond critique.

With regard to Mormonism, they have a particularly egregious racist/heterosexism history, but not one that is all that different than many other denominations of WHM Supremacist Christianity. But here's a video you will likely want to see, and understand that this is believed by some people, and that Native North American children have been made to suffer because of these beliefs. And that white supremacy in the United Rapes of Amerikkka is strengthened by Mormonism, just as heteropatriarchal racist sexuality is strengthened by BDSM practices.

From YouTube:
I guess this video has been getting removed from youtube because mormons dont like people to know about their less popular teachings. Im uploading this video to keep the information available. Mormons have been complaining that these are not taught by their religion, but a source of this video provided references to mormon literature for every claim made int he vid:

0:20 - 0:45 King Follett Discourse (History of the Church Vol 6 pg 302-317)

0:54 - 1:00 abraham 3

1:03 - 2:20 Gospel Principles Ch2-3

2:20 - 2:35 Official Statment by 1st presidency 08/17/49 and 08/17/51 and Joseph Fielding Smith in Doctrines of Salvation 1:65-66 2nd Nephi 5:21

2:38 - Gospel Princ Manual Ch3

2:40 - Pre 1982 2Nephi 30:6

2:44 - no longer taught he said early mormon profits... Brigham young journal of discourses vol 1 pg 50-51 and Wilford Woodruffs journal

3:20 - The seer pg 172, brigham young journal of discourses vol 1 p 346 orson hyde journal journal of discourses, vol 2 p 210

3:28 - D&C 113 and Isa 11

3:32 - Journal of Discourses 13:309

3:41 - 3Nephi

4:03 - 4 Nephi, Moroni

4:20 - 4:30 Moroni 10

4:37 - 4:50 State of NY VS Joseph Smith "The Glass Looker" other Court Documents

4:43 - 4:50 1826-1830 convicted of fraud, admitted "peepstoning" was fake.

5:01 - Joe Smith History 1:19

5:16 - 5:21 Howard W hunter "your temple recommend" New Era Apr 1995, 6

5:22 Russell M Nelson "SPirit of Elijah" Ensign Nov 1994, 84 and D&C 128, 138:33

5:27 - D&C 132:17-20

5:36 - Robert L Millet, "Joseph smith among the prophets" Ensign Jun 1994, 19

5:49 - :52 D&C 132

6:03 - Hist of the Church Vol pg 408-412

6:12 - He died in a shootout 


Seth R. said...

"He died in a shootout."

Tell me - do you consider one hundred enraged men with rifles storming a jail with intent to kill the prisoners, and one of the prisoners discharging his weapon ONCE to discourage the men from entering the room and slaughtering him and his friends a "shootout?"

Does that sound like the "O-K Corral" to you?

Seth R. said...

The non-denomination National Council of Christians and Jews wrote about that film:

"The film does not - in our opinion - fairly portray the Mormon Church, Mormon history, or Mormon belief. It makes extensive use of "half-truth," faulty generalizations, erroneous interpretations, and sensationalism. It is not reflective of the genuine spirit of the Mormon faith.

We find particularly offensive the emphasis in the film that Mormonism is some sort of subversive plot - a danger to the community, a threat to the institution of marriage, and is destructive to the mental health of teenagers. All of our experience with our Mormon neighbors provides eloquent refutation of these charges.

We are of the opinion that The Godmakers relies heavily on appeals to fear, prejudice and other less worthy human emotions. We believe that continued use of this film poses genuine danger to the climate of good will and harmony which currently exists between…neighbors of differing faiths. It appears to us to be a basically unfair and untruthful presentation of what Mormons really believe and practice."