Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A horrible thought about the Maafa. This is a terribly sick thing to say, but...

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... and counting.
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After reviewing conditions of people "bought" and boarded onto ships in chains, as slaves, to be slaves, for white people approximately two hundred years ago (and onward), I decided, were I given the choice, in some sick, awful, hellish nightmare, between living through a journey on a slaver's ship, and living through a few weeks in a Nazi Concentration Camp, that I would choose the latter.

I say this because I think that "horror" and "atrocity" are real, socially, to many people I know when it comes to "imagining" what it must have been like in Europe during the time of Nazi rule, occupations, gathering up of Jews into cattle cars, if not already killed by the S.S. (I don't know of anyone living who was in a Nazi Concentration Camp, but I know there are still people living who did somehow survive it.)

And me saying this doesn't really account for the various horrific things done to people in the Camps: the "unspeakable" things. But I guess my point is that white men in "The Americas" did these things, these same, awful, horrid, nightmarish things to Black people and to Red People, and when I grew up getting "a good white education" I wasn't taught that. I also wasn't taught about HaShoah, to be honest. I made the teacher teach a lesson about it, but she didn't wish to, I think because she was of German Christian heritage. But I new the term in my mid-twenties, and knew the term "Holocaust" as a reference to the Nazi genocides when a teenager. I didn't learn the term "Maafa" until much later. And I wish there was a term for the Genocide against Native Americans, across the Americas. "The American Holocaust" doesn't quite get at the horror of it for me. The unspeakable horror, of it, continuing, and of the Maafa--the enslavement and transport of African people treated as less than things, as worse than things, and the atrocities that come with such a condition of living, and dying. And remember that this genocide is not over, as the child in the image above reminds us.

I am aware of the unspeakable horrors committed by white men against Red people, especially to the women and girls. And being committed still. Let those of us who do not know of these things from stories told and untold by our relatives, make a point of learning what white heterosexual men have done in order to secure land, resources, and liberty for themselves only. Refuse to not know and do not let your mind and heart forget. I will try and do the same. See the blood and feel the pain and commit your life to ending the horrid forms of institutionally backed violence WHM commit, including this day against people in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in the U.S., and in Mexico, and in Canada. And in many, many countries across Africa and Asia, especially to the women and girls.


  1. These fucking wankers are sick and evil. It’s time you Americans stopped putting up with all this white male crap. They stole your country and now they are fucking you up. You need a revolution to retake your country, overthrow all those white male scum bags. Let them see what its like to get fucked up.

  2. Hi and welcome, vluk.

    Thank you for your comment. It is absolutely horrifying how much in denial white men, whites in general, men in general, are about crimes against humanity, when that humanity is female or not white.

    Almost NO ONE who is white here, in my experience, even acknowledges that genocide is still going on, or bothers to consider the on-going effects of slavery on African Americans who are descended from slaves here.

    It is a sick, evil nation that will not own up to the atrocities it has committed and still commits, in the name of "democracy" and "freedom for all".

    Bombing Vietnam and Cambodia back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and killing people in Korea before then, and in many countries in Central America since then, and in Afghanistan and Iraq more recently, demonstrates to me that this country of mine is invested, financially, and as a matter of on-going State policy and practice, in genocide and gynocide. Including against women of color within the borders of what is called The United States.

  3. Thanks for your latest comments, vluk.

    I'm having to edit this one, as I can't post some of the content, but believe me, I hear you!!!

    vluk's comment, edited:

    Why do you Americans put up with all this white male shit? They are occupying your country illegally and have no right to do what they are doing.

    They are fucking up your country just like they fucked up mine. Women and especially non white women don’t deserve this kind of shit